Bold Wisdom Charger Label

By Meo


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Charger stickers made just for Macs and Apple products. These artist-created designs help you identify your charger and stand out with sophistication. Pick a pattern that pops, or choose a design that evokes a favorite hobby or place.

  • Made in the USA: Sacramento, CA
  • Materials: Paper with a poly-laminate coating
  • One-time application only
  • Design created by Artist Stuart Sheldon
  • Includes front and back labels for one MacBook laptop charger and labels for one iPhone or Apple Watch charger
  • Sizing information: 45W fits 11" & 13" MacBook Air; 60W fits 13" MacBook & MacBook Pro
  • To confirm the model/size of your MacBook laptop, click on the “Apple” icon on the upper left corner of your laptop screen, and select “About This Mac"
  • To confirm the model/size of your laptop charger, please find wattage information directly on charger
  • Dimensions: 45W: 2.24" x 2.24"; 60W: 2.5" x 2.5"
  • Weight: 0.001 lb.

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Label cover for charger

3/12/2016 by maria rose

I brought this to cover my Mac Pro charger. These are basically stickers you put on the charger. I don't expect them to last long without peeling off the charger in the future, they not designed as a permanent cover. Directions are quite simple to follow.More > < Less


covers for chargers

3/10/2016 by maria rose

I got this to decorate my charger for my Mac Pro laptop. I used the stickers to cover the entire plug not just the the 2 sides. They'r okay if you have multiple Apple users in home, I am the solo Mac user on computer and I don't touch my son's IPhone 6 plus period. (my preference is android in phones.I can't stay how long this will last on the outside of my charger but I don't get the impression it is going to stay long term (i.e. the life of my Mac Pro}. It will be cute while it lasts.More > < Less

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Can you tell whose charger this is?

About Meo

Custom Charger

Meo charger stickers customize and help identify your charger. The distinctive, grown-up designs—each created by an artist—make them extra special. This practical ID solution is also a sophisticated way to stand out among other Apple users—at home, at school, or in the office.

Founder Karen Beber created Meo after encountering the familiar “Whose charger is it anyway?” dilemma in a house full of Mac users. She thought stickers would not only eliminate the issue, but add a level of personalization, too.

Pick an image that evokes a favorite place or hobby, or a pretty print. Meo uses that blank white charger as a canvas for showcasing some personality.