Strap & Wrap Camera Holder

By miggo

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These camera straps double as cushiony wraps to keep your camera protected. Pop your miggo-secured small to mid-sized DSLR in a day bag, and leave the bulky camera bag behind. The neck strap version can be worn cross-body while keeping your camera secure.

  • Material: Neoprene, Lycra, nickel-coated steel
  • Care: Remove the screw and hand wash in lukewarm water using a mild soap. Gently scrub with brush or sponge, then drip dry in the shade. Do not machine wash, wring, use starch, tumble dry, iron, use chemical detergents, or wash at high temperatures
  • Includes: miggo Strap & Wrap, multipurpose nickel-coated steel screw, safety cord, 2 year warranty, owner's manual
  • Camera strap that morphs into a compact and protective, padded camera carrier. No need to carry a bulky camera bag anymore
  • Comfortably carry your DSLR camera across your torso. When done shooting, just wrap miggo around your camera and slip it into your personal bag to protect it from scratches and impact
  • Designed for both right and left handed use. Wear the comfortable, padded strap across your body for even weight distribution
  • The multipurpose screw serves as a secure connector to the 0.25" - 20" tripod socket on the camera (can attach to a tripod while miggo is attached)
  • Flexible inner pocket designed to hold your lens cap while camera is in use
  • Compatible with almost all of today’s small to medium DSLR and Bridge (Superzoom) cameras on the market, and a wide range of lenses
  • Suitable for a range of cameras within the parameters of these measurements: Width: 4.75" - 5.5"; Perimeter (around body and lens): 13.75" - 19.5"
  • Camera Measuring Guide
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 30.7" x 5.1"
  • Weight: 0.68 lb.

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This is great

6/28/2015 by Dawn

Although I still occasionally need my whole camera bag, much of the time I can grab my camera (wrapped in a miggo) and head out the door. I know the camera is protected, I have a comfortable camera strap and more freedomMore > < Less


Perfect for Travel

6/25/2015 by Gabrielle

I just used this on a 10 day trip abroad and I thought it was FANTASTIC!!! Camera felt safe hanging across my body and in my travel bag that got tossed around plenty. One (and really, only 1) drawback is that if you are short then it hangs a bit too low. I can imagine on a 5'7" + frame that it would be great. At 5 feet it hung to my thigh :( That's ok.... I kept it in my hand and took far more pictures than I may have otherwise. Great memories of a great trip.More > < Less


Great idea

6/22/2015 by Dale

It took a little bit to set up correctly wit my camera, I have a Pentax camera & am using my 50-200 mm lens, but it is working well now that I figured it out. I will be using it on a trip soon & will see how it does in my backpack & on the plane as a carry on. Overall I like it very much I think I will use my good camera much more because of this little handy item.More > < Less


What I was hoping for.

6/13/2015 by Donna

Besides the protection for my camera, the neck strap is soft and very comfortable on my neck. I was pleasantly surprised at the difference between the original and the miggo strap. Wish I had this on the trip to Europe. Money well spent.More > < Less


Better than bulky cases

6/9/2015 by Lucia

My husband took a little time to figure out how it all worked, but he is looking forward to using it on vacation. It is much easier to pack than his old bag so we will be putting through to the test in August in a wedding in Maine!More > < Less

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miggo - Protective Camera Strap

About miggo

Shoot & Wrap

Carry and protect your camera—and leave the bulky camera bag at home—with miggo.

An exciting new idea in camera carriers, miggo is both a camera strap and a padded camera case. Keep your camera around your wrist or neck while shooting, and simply wrap it up in your miggo when you’re done. The durable neoprene and lycra fabric provides cushioning to keep your camera protected.

This camera strap and cover makes a great gift for the amateur photographer or traveler in your life. miggo fits small to mid-sized DSLRs and comes in two different styles. The Strap & Wrap is worn around your neck or across your body, while the Grip & Wrap has a convenient handle to keep your camera comfortably in your hand. You don’t need to take it off when attaching a tripod, and there’s even a hidden pocket for your lens cap.

miggo Founders Yuval Kemp, Ohad Cohen, and Guy Sprukt worked in the camera industry for years, and knew there had to be an easier way to protect and carry your camera simultaneously. After months of research and development, miggo was born—your camera’s best amigo.