MegaBini Outdoor Trash Deodorizer

By MiniBini

Megabini Device - Citrus Blast

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MegaBini is an odor eliminator for your outdoor wheelie bin and or food recycling bins.

  • Materials: Card and plastic
  • Apply to clean, dry surface
  • Designed to fit any trash bin
  • Ideal for outdoor trash bins
  • Includes: MegaBini Device in Citrus Blast Scent
  • Each capsule lasts one month
  • Weather-, vibration-, heat-, and dust-resistant
  • Guaranteed to stick
  • 0.17 fl. oz. capsule offers constant performance and give up to 30 days of freshness
  • Remove tape liner, apply inside trash bin, and press for 20 seconds. Remove foil from capsule and insert into MegaBini
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Dimensions: Device: 0.875" x 3.5" x 3.5"
  • Weight: MegaBini: 0.156 lb..

34 Reviews (3.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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Well worth the purchase

9/6/2014 by Suzanne

We started using the Minibini about a week ago. Our refuse can gets really smelly...it's not pleasant at all. Within just a few days of installing this item, our refuse can no longer smells. Literally, this item is a breath of fresh air.More > < Less


Spectacular Trash Solution

9/2/2014 by Christine

Stinky trash, especially in summer, is the worst! Mega Bini eliminates this problem beautifully! I'm so pleased!



8/31/2014 by Elizabeth

Our bear proof garbage must stay in our heated garage and by the end of the week the garage smells ripe. No longer. And, so far, the garbage collectors have been unable to dislodge the mega bini. Kudos to the developers.More > < Less


Works great

8/27/2014 by edward

During the summer months now, this MegaBini works wonders. I no longer open the 96-gallon trash can outside and gag at the smell that usually comes from it. I can smell the MegaBini, but it's not really a "covering" smell, where there are hints of garbage order lingering underneath. All I can smell is a slightly pleasant scent. It still is attached to the garbage can's lid, and even the automated trash truck isn't knocking it off (unlike the MiniBini that I can't keep attached to our diaper pail).More > < Less


A really great product!

8/26/2014 by Maria

This really does work! After washing out my gross smelling trashcans, I applied the odor eliminator inside the lid. I am no longer repelled by the smells emaning from those trash cansMore > < Less

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MiniBini - Trash Deodorizer

About MiniBini

Fresh Scents

Smell? What smell? That’s the promise of minibini currently popular in Europe now making its way to a trash can near you.

The MiniBini for indoor kitchen and bathroom use and its outdoor sidekick the MegaBini freshens your bins from within your everyday trash cans.

The MiniBini and MegaBini easily secure under the lid or anywhere else on the inside of a trash bin. Available in your choice of mild, pleasing scents like Fresh Linen, Ruby Red Grapefruit, or Eucalyptus, each insert provides approximately 30 days of freshness.

This welcome relief for your olfactory glands is the brainchild of Daniel Woolman, an inventor from England, who knows that wherever you live, there’s no place for the stench of garbage in your home.