3-in-1 Smartphone Grip

By Monet


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Pop this leather cell phone card holder on and enjoy three handy functions in one slim, well-made accessory. It works as a wallet (holding up to three cards), and has a slide-out grip for handier holding that does the job of a kickstand, too.

  • Materials: Split leather, TPU grip, metal, foil paper
  • Care: Wipe clean as needed, do not overstuff the wallet
  • Instructions: Clean the surface prior to attaching phone grip. Remove grip from cardboard and adhere to phone or phone case surface. Adhesive will not adhere well to glass
  • Features 3M adhesive backing that will not leave residue when removed
  • Slim grip slides flat when your phone is in your pocket
  • Grip functions as a kickstand, great for video chatting or watching videos
  • Convenient wallet pocket fits up to three cards
  • Please note: Adhesive will not adhere well to glass
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 3.75" x 2.25" x 0.1"
  • Weight: 0.04 lb

80 Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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Love it, but...

11/30/2018 by Carol

I love this product - use it every day. Except for one thing - the metal tab holding the strap in the little slider pocket (the one on the left in the product picture) broke and now I just have a wallet and a mostly unusable strap.

I bought it in late August. It broke last night, Nov 29.

Any ideas of how to fix this please?
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hated it

1/28/2019 by JEANETTE

did not work as expected hated it and threw it in goodwill box
dont waste your money


Didn't Work for me

12/14/2018 by Richard

I got this product and put it on my phone immediately upon receipt. Unfortunately, it did not stick to my phone, and the first time I tried using it, my phone went crashing to the floor. The company wanted me to return the item (at my expense) to get another. I decided to write it off as a loss.More > < Less


I don't like This Product!

11/1/2018 by Carl

The "sticky back" on the product does not adhere very well at all to my iPhone. It just slips off and really won't stay stuck to the phone at all. This renders it "useless" frankly.

I will probably send it back in for a refund.
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Great for arthritic hands

10/14/2018 by Ella

This is just what I need for my arthritic hands. Helps me hold my phone securely with no chance of dropping it. Great product.

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About Monet

Phone Wallet

Ikey Srour and Sam Schneider were at work developing a better cell phone card holder when they had an a-ha moment. The Monet co-founders realized that the finger grip on their phone wallet doubled as a kickstand, too—further setting their design apart.

The functional three-in-one phone wallet is a little bit luxurious, too, which we appreciate. After all, it is something you will stick to your phone and touch every day. It’s made with leather and comes in a bevy of colors to suit your personality (or match your phone case).

The adhesive-backed wallet can hold about three cards, and its leather grip slides out when you need it for better phone-holding or better selfie-taking. It can bear a phone’s weight as a kickstand, too, for better, hands-free screen viewing.

We love the quality construction and how slim the wallet is. Many of us use something similar on our phones, but felt this one is a stand-out choice.