Cedar Board Kalimba

By Mountain Melodies

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The Mountain Melodies thumb-harp is elegantly designed and crafted in the United States from polished cedar. With the included songbook and its intuitive design, you will be playing and experimenting with your own music in no time.

  • Made in the USA: Georgia
  • Materials: Cedar, metal
  • Care: Wipe with damp cloth
  • Sturdy enough for children and simple to play—great for experimentation with music
  • Following the 8 note play by number system makes it easy to learn to play
  • Each piece is handcrafted with the highest standard of quality and care
  • Played by plucking the tines (keys) with thumbs or fingers
  • "Kalimba" means "little music"
  • Marimba-like sound
  • Comes with a songbook appropriate for fun at all ages
  • Scale: High diatonic
  • Dimensions: 6" x 3" x 1"
  • Weight: 0.44 lb.

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A great piece of hand crafted work.

12/2/2018 by Debbie

Hi, I look forward to giving this gift to a family friend and their two daughters. I’ll be able to say more, after they open their gift at Christmas. I am greatly impressed with the beautiful workmanship . They are very nice, they are easy to hold, even for little hands. The wood is smooth. The softness of the notes is very soothing to the ear. Thank youMore > < Less


Nice instrument

11/30/2018 by Amy

I had gotten one of these while vacationing on the Outerbanks. My granddaughter loves playing it when she comes to visit. I decided to give my great granddaughter one for her birthday. She loves music. She can only use one hand so I thought this would be easy for her to use. She loved it. It has a nice tone. Only improvement would be for the numbers to be in order to be able to pick out the numbers faster when following the book. Overall a nice little instrument with a great tone. Would be nice if a case or pouch came with it to carry around easier.More > < Less



11/17/2018 by Pamela

We are giving this as a Christmas present to our 17 yr old granddaughter. When the package came, my husband opened it immediately and was able to actually make it sound amazing. Sounds good, looks good and hoping that it makes our granddaughter happy!More > < Less


What an awesome instrument

11/16/2018 by Michele

Beautifully made and easily to use. I made up some great melodies while I tested it out because this is a christmas gift for my sister. I just couldn't wait to give her a go and I know she is going to love it.More > < Less


My grandchildren love this little harp

10/18/2018 by Janet

The sturdy design has held up for years. I love listening to impromptu songs they make up as they play.

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Mountain Melodies - Kalimba

About Mountain Melodies

Handcrafted Music

Mountain Melodies gives the gift of music to everyone—without the need to read notes. Crafted by husband and wife team Paul and Sue Bergstrom, each Mountain Melodies thumb harp is handmade in North Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains out of beautifully polished cedar. Paul and Sue have a vision to provide "music made simple for all ages," and the thumb harp does just that.

The thumb harp, or "kalimba," originated in Africa, but its unique sound and easy-to-play design have made it loved worldwide. Eight numbered keys let you play the entire C scale simply by alternating your thumbs. The sound is reminiscent of an understated xylophone, giving off a clear, sweet chime that is pleasantly soft.

An included songbook guides you to playing traditional melodies by the numbers found on the kalimba. It’s simple and fun, allowing anyone to pick up this elegantly designed instrument and make music.