Paintbrush in a Can

By My Paint Saint

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A high-quality brush is built into the lid of this airtight paint can, making touch-ups and paint storage easy. The lid twists on and off—no screwdrivers or mallets needed. Inside ridges let you wipe off excess paint and the lid catches drips, too. When you’re done, put the brush/lid back and reseal for next time—no need to clean the brush.

  • Materials: Synthetic bristles, soft rubber molding, ABS plastic, silicone gasket, and stainless steel
  • Care: Keep paint in sealed container at room temperature
  • Intended for use with water-based paints, including latex, milk paint, chalk paints, fat paint, and the like
  • The high-quality 1.5" x 5” synthetic bristles are thick and long
  • The Paint Saint’s ferrule is made out of stainless steel to prevent rusting
  • A disc with a recessed "drip catcher" attaches the handle to the brush head. This disc comes in handy when you are painting above your head
  • Seal latex paints in the container and keep air out. The silicone gasket creates a hermetic seal
  • There are two sets of threads for the closing ring. The top threads are to seal the container tightly. The bottom threads provide a nifty place to store the closing ring while painting
  • The inside of the jar features two ledges made of thick ABS plastic. They are a simple and sturdy way to remove excess paint from the bristles
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Holds up to 13 oz. of paint
  • Dimensions: 11.5" x 3.5"
  • Weight: 0.61 lb.

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One of the Best Grommets Ever


I have one for each color of paint in my place. If I see a 'nick' in the paint, I pull this out, fix it, and never have to deal with washing brushes or anything. An amazing problem solver.More > < Less


Handy, great house warming gift


Bought for myself so I could get rid of paint can with a little paint left, yet great for touch-ups. Liked it so much I gave one to a friend who just added a room addition and painted house. She found it a unique gift and loves it, too.More > < Less


I bought one for each paint color in my house.


Pefect way to keep your paint "touched up" without the mess.


a must have for touch ups


I used to put off making touch ups to my paint. The Paint Saint gives me no excuse to not just do a quick touch up at anytime with out the timely clean up process!!More > < Less




Hubby loves. Ordered one for son.

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This paintbrush never needs cleaning.

About My Paint Saint

Easy Touch-ups

With its ingenious design, My Paint Saint makes touching up paint—and storing it—quick and hassle-free.

During his college days, inventor Mark Lacy supervised maintenance for a hotel. Paint touch-ups were full of problems and inefficiencies. He designed My Paint Saint to eliminate every single one.

The airtight can has a high-quality brush built into the lid and a generous white space to jot down the color that’s inside. To open, twist off the ring (no screwdriver needed) and get right to work. The ring screws to the bottom of the can so you won’t lose it.

Wipe off any excess paint on the two plastic ledges inside. Didn’t wipe off enough? There’s a drip catcher on the rim around the brush.

To reseal the can, put the brush back inside (no need to clean it), and twist the ring on (no mallet needed). With the airtight seal in place, both paint and brush will be ready (and not dried out) for next time.