Nanotips Blue (Fabric formula)

By Nanotips

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Nanotips will transform your favorite gloves into touchscreen gloves. Simply swipe on, dry, and enjoy weeks of use. The Blue formula works on fabrics, wool, cashmere, cotton and knits.

  • Materials: Nanotubes
  • Instructions: Apply, dry, use. Reapply approximately every 2 to 4 weeks
  • For all porous gloves (fabrics & fleeces): Wool, cashmere, cotton, and knitted gloves
  • Each bottle can treat up to 15 fingers and a single application can last up to 30 days of continuous use
  • 90% transparency and 10% bluish tint, virtually invisible on darker colored materials
  • Waterproof and durable to withstand the most extreme conditions as well as flexing, creasing, and abrasion
  • Made in Vancouver, Canada
  • Box Dimensions: 4" x 1" x 5"
  • Weight: 0.09 lb.
  • Fluid Content: 0.27 fl. oz.
  • Gloves not included

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glad I purchased it.


Worked well; wish it had more formula in the bottle.




Hi my name is Mikaella and I work for the support department of Nanotips. I apologize to those who are having troubles with the fabric solution. I want to try my very best to help resolve the issues. And I thank you all for your support and patience. Feedback good or bad is great for our company.

We are currently working on a better more detailed instruction for our fabric solution. Our current instructions are unclear and I apologize again. If I could ask everyone to give it a try one more time I might be able to resolve the issues.

1. Shake the bottle
2. Pour 2-3 drops on a flat surface (more for thicker fabrics)
3. Dip your finger in the liquid
4. Make sure the liquid soaks all the way through
5. Dry with hairdryer or air dry
6. Test it out

I hope this helps, If you have anymore questions or concerns please email me at [email protected]

Thank you for your time and patience.

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I have not used yet. I am sure this will be great. Wish IO had ordered the other formula also.


Didn't work :-(


I'm sorry to report that this product didn't work AT ALL on my gloves. I've tried it 3 different times and even trying double and/or triple layers - not helped. Was so hoping for good results.More > < Less


Doesn't work AT ALL


I painted the fingertip on a pair of thin fabric gloves several times and couldn't get this product to work at all. I then tried a second pair of old nylon gloves. Again painted the fingertip several times and it didn't work at all. What is the refund policy"?More > < Less

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Nanotips - Touchscreen Glove Solution

About Nanotips

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Tired of taking off your gloves to use your smartphone? Just use Nanotips, a fast-drying liquid that makes your favorite gloves touchscreen friendly.

Nanotips is made of ultra-fine conductive nanoparticles that interlink with one another. Shake the bottle, swipe the liquid across each glove fingertip, and let it dry into a conductive film.

Your gloves will work on touchscreens for several weeks—or more—depending on how often you use or wash them. If Nanotips wears off, simply reapply.

Founder Tony Yu was exasperated that he couldn’t use his phone while wearing expensive motorcycle gloves. He invented this ingenious method for turning the fingertips into a conductive surface. It’s great for cold weather, but also year-round on work, construction, and gardening gloves. We’ve even heard of using Nanotips on the end of a pen to turn it into a stylus.

Once dry, Nanotips is waterproof and will withstand the elements. Wear whatever gloves you like while staying connected. We give this product two, touchscreen-friendly thumbs up.