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Ever try to decipher what goes into most shaving foams and gels? You need a friend with a PhD in chemistry to explain the ingredients. But not with products from Napa Soap Company. The contents of their handmade shaving soaps sound good enough to eat.

Sheila Rockwood grew up in the Napa Valley and set out to create skincare
products that use local resources from this bountiful region. Her shaving soaps for men (lots of women also use them) are made with natural ingredients such as grapeseed oil, wine, honey, aloe vera and french clay to keep skin smooth and nourished.

They’re economical, too. One shaving mug contains up to a year’s supply of shaving soap, plus it comes with a classic barber shop-style brush. Imagine how many cans of regular shaving cream you won’t have to buy -- and send to the landfill when they’re empty. When Napa Soap’s shaving supply is gone, you can reuse the container (you can choose either a traditional ceramic mug or an old-school enameled mug).

Napa Valley’s better-known export is wine, but after shaving with these, you’ll fall in love with the region’s less famous but equally delectable product.
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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Sheila

    Hi Everyone! I’m excited to have our shaving soap kits featured as today’s Daily Grommet. Of all the

    products we make, this is one of my favorites. Who doesn’t like a smooth face?! And who wouldn’t

    want to have a smooth face bathed in all sorts of cool stuff like wine, grapeseed oil, honey and French

    clay?! Well fire away with your questions and we will see where this goes… Stubble beware!

  • wwk
    6/2/2011 12:30 PM

    I understand it's hard to describe a smell, but can you try to describe what the Ocean scent is like (or any of the others that are not obvious)? I wish you sold some scent samples so I could choose among them better.

  • Judy Graehling
    Judy Graehling
    6/2/2011 12:34 PM

    One more you also, or have plans to, carry pre/post shave treatments e.g. oils lotions, etc?

  • Sheila
    Sheila – Special Guest
    6/2/2011 12:49 PM

    @Judy Graehling: Yep, it's in the works so stay tuned!

  • Sheila
    Sheila – Special Guest
    6/2/2011 12:52 PM

    @wwk: I know wouldn't it be cool if you could smell scents from your computer screen?! The ocean scent has been a long time favorite as it is a very unisex type scent. First of all, none of our blends are going to overwhelm you as we are on the natural/subtle side. I would describe the ocean blend as a bit oceany, fresh air, salty and the most neutral of the 4 we are offering.

  • Judy Graehling
    Judy Graehling
    6/2/2011 12:30 PM

    How big is the travel sized kit and the brush? My husband travels 2 weeks a month and I'm thinking this would be so much easier to pack! He has a tough beard and shaves every day...could you give me an idea of how long the travel size would last?

  • Sheila
    Sheila – Special Guest
    6/2/2011 12:38 PM

    @Judy Graehling: Wow, sorry he's gone so much, or maybe that's a good thing?? The travel size is about 2.5 oz of product. I would say this would last a "normal" traveler well over a year. In your husband's case, I would say maybe a few months?? It is very easy to pack through airport security so that is definitely a plus. The overall size is pretty small and easily fits in a dopp kit.

  • Judy Graehling
    Judy Graehling
    6/2/2011 1:29 PM

    @Sheila Rockwood: LOL After 40 years of marriage, it most definitely is sometimes a good thing!! Must be an omen I found this in time for Father's to order and I'll let you all know how it goes...

  • Sheila
    Sheila – Special Guest
    6/2/2011 12:57 PM

    Thought I might try to describe the other scent blends as well...Cool Mint is peppermint and rosemary essential oils so it's definitely a minty pick me up good for morning shavers! You get a cooling tingle from the peppermint oil too.

    Mandarin Cedar is a bit more exotic with cedar oil, a little patchouli (but not like incense as we don't like that!), mandarin oil to shake things up. It's a bit spicy and earthy and very interesting.

    Vintner's Blend is wine-ish with berry tones, a fruity nose but keep it off your palatte!

  • Sheila
    Sheila – Special Guest
    6/2/2011 12:58 PM

    @Sheila Rockwood: oops I meant palate!

  •  Sheri
    9/9/2012 3:23 PM

    @Sheila Rockwood

    Mandarin Cedar is a bit more exotic with cedar oil, a little patchouli mandarin oil to shake things up. It's a bit spicy and earthy and very interesting.

    THIS is exactly what I am looking for... he loves patchouli mixed with the different scents... I do not believe that I saw that one listed in the kit. How can I get that? I would like to order it asap.

  • Chew-Hoong
    Chew-Hoong – Grommet Team
    9/13/2012 11:52 PM

    @ Sheri: Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, the Mandarin Cedar is discontinued.

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    6/2/2011 1:12 PM

    I loved this visual that the Napa Soap company put together and so I thought that I would post it here. I think going back to an earlier time is progress in this case!

  • Wicked
    6/10/2011 5:18 AM

    I have always loved the shaving mug/brush method for shaving. I was wondering if you offer refills for this?

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    6/10/2011 10:37 AM

    @Wicked Kisses: The mug will last about a year. Because the soap sets up within the mug, the refill is a new mug(without the brush if you don't need it.) We will be carrying the mug without the brush in the future. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Laurel Anne
    Laurel Anne
    11/3/2012 5:53 PM

    Hey there - My brother is a NW Island Man, naturalist and vegan - and I love this gift idea for a man who needs little, wants little...But about the boar's hair bristles: What is the skinny on bristle "harvesting?" i.e. are we talking dead boars? Thank yuou so much for the info - and I am delighted to have tumbled across Daily Grommet!


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