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The NAPWRAP is a travel accessory that supports your arms and removes the need to fight over the armrest. It helps you rest comfortably during long flights, train rides, or bus trips. It’s also convenient for other travel functions. Use it as a sleep mask, or to keep your ears warm, and even to carry your smartphone when you take a jog.

  • Materials: Liner: 75% cotton, 25% polyester; Outer: 86% polyester, 14% elastane
  • Care: Delicate wash cold. Tumble dry cycle low
  • Comfortably support your arms and keep good posture while you rest in your seat during long, crowded trips
  • Wraps around either upper arm and supports opposing hand to evenly distribute the weight of your arms
  • Lightweight, soft, and breathable materials that are strong and flexible provide comfortable support
  • Elastic strap provides adjustability to fit nearly everyone
  • Rolls easily around your arm when not in use
  • Can also be used as an extra pad for carrying luggage, an eye mask or earmuff to block sound and light, a headband, or an arm band phone holder
  • Color: Black
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 19" x 4"; 7" diameter
  • Weight: 0.06 lb.

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Great for those long bus rides!!

2/3/2016 by Pat

I am traveling this spring and wanted to get something to make my trip more comfortable in case the passenger next to me hogs the arm rest. What better way to test this product than to use it during my daily commute to and from my job? I'm on the bus for at least 2 hours a day. I've had the opportunity to use this great napwrap just a few times but found it to be a sanity and comfort saver. Being sandwiched between bus passengers with no place to put my arms has at times been an issue, until I got the napwrap. I used it to support both of my arms in front of me and found it to be amazingly freeing of both stress and the pressure of constant gripping to hold my arms in a comfortable position. I absolutely love it as an alternative to discomfort on the bus. It's extremely compact, well made and it works!More > < Less



1/20/2016 by Bob

simple and well made... made air travel much more comfortable.



1/16/2016 by Jamie

I cannot sleep on planes and cannot keep my arms folded when I try to. This solves that problem. It may not work for everyone but it does for me. Very supportive of crossed arms and it is a relaxing position without have to actively hold your arms together.More > < Less


Versatile Napwrap

1/2/2016 by Jackie

Great tool for keeping arms and hands relaxed in tight spaces. Bought 2 more for family members that are frequent fliers.



12/31/2015 by Patricia A

I like this, but I have to review how to wrap it on my wrists every time before I go on a trip. One time, my foot hurt and I was able to fashion the Napwrap to hold an icepack against it, so I could get to sleep and next day, it felt all bettter! Yay! I already have an eye mask for occasional use, so I haven't tried that application yet, but it does make my folded arms feel better if I doze off wearing it.More > < Less

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Napwrap | Travel Armrest


Simple Support

Rest comfortably on a plane, train, or bus with NAPWRAP, a cushy sling that’s like a personal armrest.

If NAPWRAP looks confusing at first, you’re not alone. It takes a few seconds to figure out. But once you experience its snug, oddly comfortable support, you’ll feel the brilliance behind this simple solution.

Founders Bruce Backer and Mona Dehshid are designers and frequent fliers. After suffering a lack of shut eye in transit, they figured out why sleeping while sitting up is so tough—arms need a place to rest. After testing 100+ designs, they came up with NAPWRAP. Slip it around an arm to create a cradle that holds your arms in place.

Turns out this little wonder has multiple travel functions, so use it as an eye mask, an ear warmer, or as an armband that holds your smartphone. Super soft, lightweight, and portable, NAPWRAP is made to take anywhere. Curl it around your suitcase or duffel bag handle and be prepared for some supportive rest.