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Inside this plush memory foam neck pillow is a supportive secret—an inner skeleton with structure that helps it contour to areas like your neck, shoulders, and back. The pillow-meets-neck-support hybrid can be used in up to 12 different positions to treat aches and stiffness to some firm comfort.

  • Materials: Velour pillow case: 75% cotton, 25% polyester; Inner Frame: 100% PP plastic; Pillow: 100% polyurethane foam, Bag: 100% polyester 600D
  • Care: Do not machine wash or soak pillow in water. Outer pillow case is machine washable in cold water, wash separately or with dark colors, do not use bleach. Tumble dry outer pillow case on low or delicate cycle or air dry. Avoid any and all harsh chemicals
  • Includes pillow, use instructions, carry bag, and removable pillow case
  • Can be used in 12 different positions
  • Supports the head and neck
  • Comfortably fits the average neck size 10.5" to 17"
  • Supportive inner structure
  • Dense memory foam pillow
  • Helps to promote proper posture and helps lower inflammation
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 12" x 6" x 10"
  • Weight: 1.06 lbs.

24 Reviews (4.2 out of 5 Grommets)

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Game changer

2/16/2017 by Christine

I actually bought this neck sofa for the first time at a conference a couple of years ago and I LOVE it. I have used it regularly since then (2+ years) and it has held up very nicely. It replaced this awful neck roll my chiropractor had me buy from his office. This is now my primary pillow for sleeping at night. I use it for travel as well - it's light, portable, and easy to pack.
Works really well on long haul flights/trains/bus/car rides. So much better than a bunch of the top rated Amazon travel pillows - I've bought/tried them all!
After spending hundreds of $dollars on 7 other pillow brands, I gave in and purchased a second Neck Sofa for my husband... he keeps stealing mine.

Removable and machine washable cover
High quality, soft fabric
Excellent quality memory foam and durable inner frame
Encourages 'C-curve'
Softer than foam rolls but more supportive than most memory foam roll pillows
Keeps you on your back when you sleep - help prevent side and stomach sleeping, which can lead to wrinkles and blemishes! ;)

Not a lot of colors
No extra cover
No handle strap on pillow
No form fitting travel case
Zipper pull is a bit bulky and zipper has caught my hair on occasion
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3/29/2019 by Patricia

Nice pillow for neck support at home. It's a little big to travel with but I'm going to try it. I use when reading in bed or watching tv. I also like the cool pack you can add to it through Gabriel Paris.More > < Less


Nice Improvement

5/3/2017 by Robb

To be totally frank, this is NOT the be-all-and-end-all of pillowdom, but it is a vast improvement over the daily wrestle with pillows to achieve a semblance of comfort.
As an added "bonus", when I am watching TV with my earbuds in I found that this li'l devil keeps the buds from popping out whenever I move my head...serendipitous, yes, but a welcome plus.
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It's too bundlesome and not sure I will use it.

5/2/2017 by Marylou

I would rather have a smaller and softer neck rest. I'm traveling to Europe this summer and wanted to use it but don't believe I will now. Answerbr /> Answer by maker:
Hello Marylou., the Neck Sofa pillow is actually softer than most Memory foam pillows out there. We were able to feature a super soft memory foam because we have a inner support structure inside that provide the support needed to your head and neck. You should really try it out especially for long international flights, it was a life saver to many of our customers who used it as a travel pillow. I would strongly recommend using your Neck Sofa on one of the side positions, you will love it!
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Great idea, too bulky

2/21/2017 by Deb

I purchased the Neck Sofa because I struggle with chronic neck pain from cake decorating, usually looking down at my work. By the end of the day I am so stiff, and to have my neck cradled while I relax on the recliner is my dearest wish. Unfortunately, while the Neck Sofa provides excellent neck support, I can't lean back in the chair - the bulk goes too far back and pushes my neck forward uncomfortably. I can't imagine using it for same on an airplane for the same reason. It is somewhat useful for some of the other positions, but unfortunately disappoints for the primary purpose for which I bought it.

Answer by maker:
Hello Deb., thank you for sharing your thoughts, following your description, it sounds that you are using the Neck Sofa in the regular position in your recliner.
You should try to use your Neck Sofa on the side positions, which cradles your chin and support your head forward and sideways. Please refer to the brochure or back of the packaging for the positions chart. Also I feel that you should try using your Neck Sofa in the side position while decorating cakes, it could really help you out supporting your head and minimize the tension and stiffness in your neck.
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This pillow’s got your back. And neck. And shoulders.

About Neck Sofa

Soft Support

This memory foam neck pillow impressed us at its core. Built inside is an inner support system. The firmness gives you a break from aches and pains, without sacrificing comfort.

Neck Sofa contours to your body and can be positioned up to 12 different ways. Each position is aimed at alleviating sore muscles and stiffness in areas like the neck, shoulder, head, or back.

Gabriel Durand spent three years creating this neck support and pillow hybrid. His wife was recovering from whiplash, and wasn’t satisfied with any of the devices she tried. Neck Sofa finally gave her the support and comfort she needed—and Gabriel consulted with a chiropractor to ensure his design treats the spine with care.

Whether in bed, at a desk, or while traveling, Neck Sofa provides a well-balanced combination of soft but supportive comfort.