Travel Weighted Eye Pillow

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Enjoy heavy sleep—literally. NodPod is a weighted eye pillow that blocks out light and creates the pressure-perfect conditions for soothing rest. It’s sort of like a cozy hug for your eyes. This travel version is snap- and strap-free so you can relax on the go.

  • Material: Outer: Jersey cotton and microfiber polyester fleece; Fill material: Polyethylene (PE) plastic pellets
  • Care: Machine wash and dry on delicate setting. Do not microwave
  • Creates gentle and soothing pressure around the eyes
  • Molds to the contour of your face for a custom fit that blocks light
  • Can be placed in freezer for headache relief or cool therapy on eyes
  • Built-in back closure allows pillow to be worn around the head for travel
  • Internal pellets have a smooth edge with an oval contour to create a uniform fill
  • One size fits all
  • Warning: Not for use with infants
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 28" x 3.5"x 0.5"
  • Weight: 0.56 lb.

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Best thing I've purchased for migraine. Perfect weight, no fragrance


Comfortable and relaxing


This is a wonderful product! As a migraine sufferer, I love how the pods apply just the right amount of pressure to your eyes and keep the room completely dark. It is soft and comfortable to use - much better than sleeping in an eye mask.More > < Less


Love it!


I purchased it originally for headaches, but I love it so much I use it every night!! I love the softness of it, the weighted parts, and the shape that curves above the nose. I just lay mine across my eyes and off to "lala" land I go!More > < Less


Great eye pillow!


I haven't used it on a flight yet, but it is AMAZINGLY efficient at comfortably blocking out the early morning light. I don't secure it, so if I roll over, I still have plenty of comfy spaces. Something about the soft weight of it makes it very, very comfortable.More > < Less


Works to keep out the light


I have slept with a pillow over my head for years, and in summer it gets pretty warm. The NodPod is great because it keeps light away from my eyes even better than the pillow, and leaves the top of my head free so it's cooler.

It is supposed to tighten up with a pull-through strap when you are sleeping upright, but on me it just slides off my head. It might work if I was leaning against something like in the picture, but any movement will lead it to slide down on me.

Overall it's a great invention. I bought one for home and one for travel.
More > < Less

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Here’s how to sleep under pressure.

About NodPod

Pressure Perfect

When it comes to sleeping, Maker Melissa Bamberg figured out how much pressure is just right.

Her weighted eye pillow started off as a light-blocking eye-mask. After some research and restless sleep, Melissa uncovered the benefits of deep pressure touch therapy.

Just like a hug or the swaddling of a baby, our bodies respond positively to pressure. NodPod can help relieve stress, headaches and—after a stint in the freezer—can even help relax muscles.

Its micro-bead pouches apply gentle (but constant) weight, creating pressure-perfect conditions for a soothing rest on the go. Its snap- and strap-free design is easy to pack and travel with. And for at-home dozing, there’s a version that snaps to the edge of your pillowcase so it's always within reach.

NodPods are lined with jersey cotton on one side and cotton fleece on the other. Just like your pillowcase, you can flip it to go from cozy to cool.