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The NomadPlus is a double-duty device-charging battery pack. It charges itself as it charges your phone or tablet, so you also pack portable power for later.

  • Materials: Bayer polycarbonate, lithium ion battery, and high grade circuit board
  • Adds an 1800mAh battery to any Apple USB wall plug
  • Charges any USB powered product but requires Apple USB wall plug to be powered
  • Apple 5W USB Power Adapter (wall plug) is not included
  • Ideal for travel: NomadPlus charges itself while charging your device and allows for portable power while on the move
  • Will provide an additional 80% charge on your smartphone when not plugged into the wall
  • Once your phone is fully charged, NomadPlus will charge itself
  • Status indicator shows the charge on NomadPlus
  • Charge Outputs: 5V / 1A
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 2.1" x 2.1" x 1.2"
  • Weight: 0.132 lb.
NOMAD - Portable Charging Accessories

About Nomad


Nomad makes useful items that double as device chargers, freeing you from the need to always have a traditional charger on hand. Inventively woven into key chains, carabiner clips, and battery packs, Nomad makes it easy to stay powered up.

When co-founder Noah Dentzel started thinking of these solutions, he himself was a bit of a nomad. Traveling around Spain, he was tired of trying to keep a phone charger handy. Noah’s idea: nest device chargers into everyday items.

With co-founder Brian Hahn, the two conceptualized the Nomad chargers, starting with the NomadKey. This small USB jack clips easily onto a keychain, so you never have to worry about forgetting your charger (unless you also forget your keys!).

Noah and Brian kept the momentum going with the NomadClip, NomadPlus, and the Apple Watch Charging Pod.

Like the Nomad name implies, these accessories are ready to keep you connected anywhere you go.