IQbuds Wireless Assistive Audio Earbuds

By Nuheara

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These Bluetooth earbuds are app-enabled to create a custom sound experience tailored just for you. They enhance your natural hearing by amplifying or minimizing sounds to isolate just what you want to listen in on—like a conversation in a noisy restaurant. And the low profile design seamlessly lends a hand (or, more accurately, an ear) without drawing attention.

  • Materials: silicone, lithium ion batteries
  • Care: Sweat- and water-resistant, not waterproof. Keep in charging case when not in use
  • Includes IQbuds earbuds, battery charger/carrying case, and 8 different silicone tips (round and oval, XS-XL)
  • Instructions to pair device: Put on IQbuds, press and hold tap-touch sensor for 5 seconds until notification sound plays. Pair with device using Bluetooth connectivity
  • See full user manual for more detailed use instructions
  • Powered by SINC (Super Intelligent Noise Control) technology; lets users elevate what they want to hear and reduce what they don’t want to hear
  • Applies frequency filter to sounds around users
  • Free IQbuds app to personalize listening profile
  • Can set profiles for left and right ears independently
  • Different locations/environments have preset SINC levels (i.e., restaurant, work, street, driving)
  • Choose your ideal blend of music and real world sounds for situational awareness
  • Enhances the ability to hear speech in crowded spaces, helps those with mild/moderate hearing loss
  • Tap-touch control allows a tap or two on the earbuds to make hands-free phone calls, accept/reject calls, access Siri and Google, control music, and select different hearing/noise-cancellation settings
  • Charging case provides 3 full charges with a charge time of 1.5 hours
  • Bluetooth streaming battery life of 16 hours with case; 4 hours without case
  • SINC processing battery life of 32 hours with case; 8 hours without case
  • Earbuds do not need to be connected to device for noise-cancelling capabilities to function
  • High fidelity balanced armature speakers
  • Compatible with most Bluetooth-connected devices using Bluetooth 4.2
  • Uses fully-rechargeable lithium ion batteries with a battery lifetime of 2-3 years (not replaceable)*
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 7.4" x 4" x 2.89"
  • Weight: 0.19 lb.
    Battery Life Details:
  • *The lifetime of the coin cell battery is dependent on the number of recharges. Average lifetime of 500 charge/discharge cycles before the battery capacity drops to 80%. Light user of three times a week should allow for 4-5 years of use while heavy users charging 10 times a week would get about 2 years of full battery capacity use. Lifetime may be extended depending on user's battery capacity acceptability up to 1,000 + charges

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Very good hearing enhancement


I bought these because my hearing has gotten worse. When they arrived, I read the instructions and downloaded the firmware updates. The IQbuds work as advertised!
Have not used them much or updated them since the original update, but I plan on using them more soon.
I recommend them!
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The best wireless earphones!


I've had these earphones for over 8 months and these are just the best wireless earphones I've ever owned. Not only do they sound great, the super intelligent noise control allows me to carry them at work and at home, while still being connected to my environment while listening to my favorite music and podcasts. Another feature that I like is the latest firmware upgrade, which has a customizable touch screen enabled. The IQBuds sits firmly in the ear and is very comfortable. The battery lasts for over 4 hours and the case offers an extra 4 charges. Together with the Andriod App, IQBuds has become a vital necessity without which I can not live!More > < Less


Game changer


I've had them for a week. Incredible sound, cordless freedom, speech amplification and selective noise reduction. These things are smart.




These are sensational! I don't know what I would do without them. Today, I was on the street and someone asked me for directions. Without having to take my phone out or even tap on the earbuds (which pauses, navigates through listening modes, interacts with siri and skips and rewinds songs! - something my airpods aren't smart enough to do) I was able to hear simultaneous inputs. The music played in unison with the poor lost tourist's questions.
I never even imagined such crazy and wonderful technology! If you're complaining because of few connection issues and a little bit of set-up time. Find some patience, you're missing the point! Definitely worth every $$
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Not what I expected.


Not what I expected.

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Earbuds that enhance your hearing.

About Nuheara

Hear, Hear

IQBuds combine a Bluetooth headset and noise-cancelling headphones in sleek earbuds that enhance your natural hearing.

Superior Intelligent Noise Control, or SINC, is the customizable technology that lets you create a custom hearing experience tailored to your needs. It can amplify or minimize sound to help you hear better in situations you might typically struggle in—like hearing a conversation in a noisy restaurant or listening to music without totally blocking out surrounding sounds.

Customize your preferences and surroundings in the app. SINC then applies a frequency filter to the sounds you do and don’t want to hear.

Co-Founders Justin Miller and David Cannington were working on industrial-strength hearing headsets for gas and oil workers. When many of their testers expressed interest in a sleeker everyday version, they listened.