Light Blocking Eyewear

By Occles

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Occles are wrap-around eye covers that act like blackout sunglasses—and comfortably promote relaxation. They block light and provide complete UV protection, fitting seamlessly over your eyelids. Bridgeless and flexible, the contoured neckband stays out of your way. Great for vacationing by the beach, that long flight, or even napping on the couch.

  • Material: Injection molded plastics PC/ABS, nylon, and TPE
  • Care: Simply wash with water
  • Ergonomic fit for a range of head sizes from 21-24 inches diameter
  • Comparable hat size: fits Small 6 3/4 to X-Large 7 5/8
  • Medical grade silicone rubber eye-seals with lightweight, strong plastic frames
  • Protects your eyes from the harmful effects of UV light and blocks light, allowing you to relax or sleep comfortably in the sun
  • Bridgeless design minimizes tan lines
  • Flexible, strong and easy to clean, even after using suntan lotion
  • Eye-seals designed for comfort, and even allow you to comfortably open your eyes
  • Adjustable frame and contoured neckband provide a comfortable fit
  • Made in Britain
  • Recommended for ages 16 and up
  • Dimensions: 7" x 6" x 1.5"
  • Weight: 0.06 lb.

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I only use them for napping, but I no longer have to find some kind of dark cloth or whatever to put over my face.


Have bought 3 for gifts now


Love it so much, I've bought 3 for gifts. Extremely comfortable, blocks out 100% light and I wear it to sleep every night. Don't even know it's on. I sleep so much better, total block out, total comfort, it never moves.More > < Less




These work better than any eye mask I've ever had! I'm ordering 2 more pair today. Although they are kind of flimsy, and appear as if they could easily snap or break, you can't beat it for the price. Going to keep a pair for travel to use in flight and in hotel rooms. I easily wear these to sleep every night and you don't even know they are on. Extremely comfortable. Kudos to the maker of These!More > < Less




I've had these a month and used them everyday! They are very comfortable and completely block light. I put them on if I wake early and I'm not at all disturbed by the morning light, or if I take a nap, it's so easy to block the light.
I highly recommend these.
More > < Less


Great product!


I've had these a couple weeks and I love how they help me sleep when the sun comes out around 6 am, or when I'm trying to nap during the day. They absolutely cut any light and I find I can easily sleep in a room that is bright. Very comfortable, easy to figure out, I am so happy I bought these!More > < Less

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Occles - Sun Blocking Eyewear

About Occles

Lights Out

Occles provide comfortable UV protection for your eyes while completely blocking out light. Whether you’re spending a day at the beach or on a long flight, these blackout sunglasses can be the perfect accessory for relaxation.

Founders Hugh and Lynne got the idea for Occles while on a trip to Greece. Lying on the beach, they just couldn’t relax because of the bright sun. Sunglasses still let light through and covering their eyes with a towel was just too hot.

Occles are designed with comfort in mind. Flexible and bridgeless, the contoured neckband won’t get in your way. When you’re not using them they can sit comfortably around your neck, and adjustable arms let them fit anyone’s face. Occles' soft silicone eye covers fit seamlessly over the eyes, giving them complete protection.

This innovative pair of shades offers total shade. Equally useful for the traveler, shore lover, or napper in your life, Occles make it easier to relax just about anywhere.