2-in1 Stainless Steel Soap

By Odor STEELer


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Rub your hands with this stainless steel soap and it will be like you never touched fish, onions, or garlic. Odors from these foods bond with the steel and are removed from your skin. Use the bristled silicone sleeve to clean up with sudsy soap after, or use it as a veggie brush.

  • Materials: Stainless steel, food-grade silicone
  • Care: Wash with soap as needed
  • Includes: One stainless steel disk with removable silicone sponge sleeve
  • Instructions: Wash your hands under running water, rubbing the stainless steel side over your hands where the odors are. When done, use the silicone bristles to wash your hands
  • Stainless steel side removes fish, garlic, and onion odors from your hands
  • Stainless steel shape fits comfortably in hands
  • Silicone sleeve is also great for cleaning sensitive skinned fruits and veggies, like mushrooms or peaches
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 1" x 3" diameter
  • Weight: 0.5 lb

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The darn thing really works...

10/15/2018 by Jeffrey

I was looking for something to remove the smell of garlic, fish, onions, etc. from my hands after cooking and remembered I’d heard of stainless steel being effective. It really is and really works!More > < Less


Works Well

10/7/2018 by Jeff

This product is the right size for your hands and it works just as advertised. The bonus is the little scrubber that it comes with. Just add some soap and the soft bristles massage your hands.More > < Less


Perfect in every way!

10/4/2018 by Dee

Love my new OdorSTEELer! Sits right on the ledge of my sink ready to grab when I need it! And the flip side scrubber is removeable!


so good

9/14/2018 by Libby

I love the way this cleans and deodorizes. It’s a really neat addition to the cleaning armament at the back of the kitchen sink.

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About Odor STEELer

Odor Remover

Stainless steel soap has been around for ages. It’s a handy way to rub away fishy and garlic-y smells from hands—but there’s nothing sudsy about how Odor STEELer does its odor-fighting job.

It’s a new take on the traditional method of cleaning up. The stainless steel “soap” gets rid of odors when you rub your hands on it under running water. Sulfur compounds in the scent of those foods are attracted to stainless steel and bind to the metal, which won’t absorb any odor. (Hence its name.) What’s great about this not-really-soap cleaner is that it has a silicone sleeve to help you when do wash up with soap, and it can double as a veggie brush for soft-skinned things like peaches, mushrooms, and plums.