TWIST Plus World Adapter DUO

By OneAdaptr

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With a simple twist, this universal travel adapter works in 150 countries. Turn the base to find the right adapter and power up to four devices at once. TWIST Plus has two USB ports, an AC adapter for almost any plug, and a built-in MacBook charging port. Charge your devices with a single outlet, anywhere you are.

  • Materials: PC plastic, metal
  • Includes two USB ports, universal AC outlet & MagSafe extension port
  • Made with unique twist and release mechanism
  • Extension port designed to be used with all MacBook power adapters
  • Device compatible with Apple MagSafe 1 & 2 adapters, Apple 17W & 12W
  • USB adapters and all USB models
  • Powerful, 3.4A/17W USB charging
  • Universal sockets work in over 150 countries
  • Can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Built-in fuse protection
  • MacBook charging adapter not included
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 3.4" x 2.25" x 3"
  • Weight: 0.39 lb.

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Just returned and it worked as advertised and well!


Just returned from two weeks in the countryside of Ireland and the city of London. Used the TWIST Plus World Adapter DUO in both locations and it worked well and as advertised.

Only thing I didn't like was that it "felt" a bit poorly made even though it worked just fine.

Also the documentation was pretty bad as it doesn't explain anything about using diagonal plug prongs and/or the orange things on the back which I still don't understand what they do.

Overall, great product and for the price it's fantastic!

I'd pay twice this for one made of more solid plastic or metal without thinking twice about it.
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We bought 2 of these and used them in Europe (Spain and Greece). They are so handy, and work great. It saves having to have a charger and all the loose adapters ; these are all together in one bundle.

My only comment would be to have a little extension available somehow to adapte to a European country that has the long 2 prong adapter. Some sockets are very loose and the unit rather heavy for such sockets. When you add a plyg or extension to the USA side, the whole unit tilts and possibly slides out. How about some sort of thread extension on European side that would hold it to the socket at the proper 90 degree angle.

Congratulations, however, on the multi-international plug combination. love it! Thanks. Bill Gleason, Denver CO
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Worked beautifully!


I purchased this recently for a trip to Iceland, and this was perfect. I used it at both the hotel I stayed at as well as a local cafe. It was very useful to be able to charge both my Android and iPod at the same time. The only con, and it is minimal, is that it is a bit on the heavy side. However, it is totally worth bringing on international trips to ensure you can charge your items!More > < Less


Quick charge


Quick charge


Worked as expected


This product worked perfectly during my recent trip to Europe. I paired it with a USB hub and was able to charge all of the devices in our party of five!More > < Less

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Charge 3 or 4 devices at once—in 150 countries.

About OneAdaptr

Power Anywhere

When traveling overseas, charging your phone is crucial. But knowing what adapter you’ll need is almost impossible. With the TWIST, you’ll have the right adapter, wherever you are.

This universal travel adapter works in over 150 countries—just twist the base to raise the adapter you need. The TWIST can power three devices at once, with two USB ports and a universal AC outlet. The TWIST Plus has all of that, as well as a built-in Macbook charging port.

Outlet-stingy hotels were a problem for Founder Michael Ma. During a work trip, he and his coworkers used all the outlets in their rooms and the lobby just to charge up.

Michael wanted an adapter that worked all over the world and had multiple charging ports, too. Years of planning and prototypes created the first TWIST World Adapter.

This adapter lets you travel a little smarter and a little lighter—charge around the world with a TWIST.