Tuls - Specialized Pocket Tools

By Onehundred


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Compact, credit card sized tools designed to solve a range of everyday problems. Lucy is perfect for the cyclist on the go and Ollie is the jack-of-all-trades.

  • Made in the USA: Massachusetts
  • Materials: Titanium
  • Tough, durable, and built to last
  • Flat enough to ride on your keychain or in your wallet/purse
  • Comes in a decorative black paper sleeve
  • About as thick and rigid as a US dime
  • Dimensions: 3.3" x 2.1"
  • Weight: 0.06 lb.
  • Lucy: Includes: An expanded collection of common metric and standard wrenches, a spoke wrench for you to straighten a bicycle wheel rim, an 1/8" hex bit, a lip to pry open a paint can and a bottle opener
  • Ollie: Includes: Metric and standard scales, an on-board protractor, an edited dual standard gauge for sizing up dowels, rod stock, wire, drill bits or bolts as well as a range of both standard and metric wrenches

12 Reviews (4.2 out of 5 Grommets)

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2/2/2015 by Jim

Well made, super handy and compact


onehundred is very practical

11/3/2014 by Johnnie

I am putting this on my future gift list. Honestly, if you need instructions on how to open a can, use a protractor, tighten a nut or size a drill bit, measure in centimeters or inches, you don't need one.More > < Less


design: brilliant..description: bust

8/8/2014 by sarah

I bought Ollie and now I see what all the chatter is about… Frankly, NOT EVERYONE knows how cool this is UNTIL they see the description of it… gave this to my nephew … who is a very smart chap… and he said "COOL… and i don't even know what all this does."

this is where you can get that info:

but I definitely recommend HIGHLY to GROMMET to ask Onehundres to include this info WITH the completely blank sleeve (ADD THE LOGO too, that while you are at it… that is if you want to make a name for yourself!) I think it would be worth all the folks you are losing simply because they want to use it optimum-ly.

Looking forward to their next one in the meantime….

…. from a graphic designer who digs this stuff...
More > < Less



8/7/2014 by Michael

I have the tool in my wallet, but have yet to use it. It fits nicely in my wallet without adding much bulk. I shall know how well it works when I have occasion to use a hex wrench.More > < Less


Cool tul

7/22/2014 by Todd

Ignore the other reviews on this page. If you do even a tiny bit of research on this, you can find what each is for http://www.onehundred.co/shop/roul-stainless/ Sayingr />
Saying there's no instructions is like buying a sandwich and asking for a manual.
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Tuls - Specialized Pocket Tool

About Onehundred: Tuls

Tools Within Reach

Tuls are credit card sized, multi-purpose tools, flat enough to carry in your wallet, but strong enough to get the job done right. Yes, there are other small multi-function tools on the market, but Tuls has Grommet approval because they are thin as a dime, yet capable of everything from measuring to bolt-tightening, furniture-assembling, bottle-opening, and more.

Manufactured in New England, Tuls are the handy creation of the father and son team, Dave & Calvin Laituri. With the philosophy that sometimes the best tool is the one at your fingertips, Tuls are at the ready on everyday occasions when your tool box and work bench are out of reach.

The compact, titanium Tuls are made with minimal material, but maximum function. The OLLIE features scales, a protractor, and dual standard gauge. The LUCY is perfect for tightening screws, opening bottles, and then some.