Portable Campfire - 6 Pack Case of 6

By OneLogFire

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Enjoy the magic of a campfire in a tidy, transportable package. Incredibly easy, this quick-light log provides a self-contained flame that lasts for up to two hours. All the fun of an outdoor flame without the risk or commitment of a full campfire.

  • Made in the USA: Minnesota
  • Materials: Kiln-dried pine wood
  • Handmade
  • Felled from renewable forests
  • Setup is simple—just light the firestarter through an opening in the side, located under the label
  • Vertical, self-contained flame. Hollowed log burns from the inside-out. Also protects the flame from the wind
  • Non-toxic firestarter
  • Easily transportable with rope handle
  • Burn time of approximately two hours
  • Set contains six logs
  • Warning: For use outdoors, in a fire pit, fireproof base, in a fire pit, or in a fireplace
  • Extinguish with water when finished burning
  • Always use caution when handling fire
  • Dimensions: 8" x 5.0 - 5.49" D (each)
  • Weight: 3 lb. (each)

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This is an awesome and affordable gift!


My friends and I have a competition about who can find the most unique gifts for a set price. This was a 2016 winner all around-- it's an amazing gift to see someone's face light up with delight, intrigue and excitement to try something new.

Try it, you'll love it! (and you can even afford it!)
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Portable Two Hour Fire!


Great idea! It is simple. It really does burn for two hours and lights easily. At first it looks a bit small but makes up in its ease of lighting and two hour burn -- no other wood required and not much left to clean up. I will be making a second order for six more.More > < Less


Great gift


Gave to family members as gifts and they enjoyed them.


Very natural fire


Great for those cool fall nights and easy to use.


awesome idea


We got this product for our two daughters and their families, are are both camper since they were 9 years old. They thought this was an awesome idea and can't wait to use them. O yes , we got one for ourselves as well.More > < Less

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OneLogFire - Tabletop Camp Fire

About OneLogFire

All fired up

From the fresh pines of northern Minnesota comes OneLogFire, a handcrafted log that’s as easy to light as it is beautiful to gather around and enjoy.

Nobody knows for sure exactly when fire was first discovered. Needless to say, it was a long time ago. So it’s surprising that in today’s day and age, starting a fire can still be quite tricky. That’s why the Bies family created OneLogFire—a transportable, quick-light log that provides a self-contained fire for backyard barbeques, camping trips, and other outdoor activities.

Felled from local, renewable forests, each handcrafted, kiln-dried log is made in Minnesota and built to burn for two hours. Unlike other wood-burning fires, OneLogFire stands vertically and pulls in oxygen to burn from the inside out. A firestarter on the side makes it simple to light. Once lit, two hours of warmth and ambience are yours to enjoy, worry-free from passing breezes and mess-free compared to traditional campfires. Made of non-toxic materials, OneLogFire burns clean and hot enough for roasting marshmallows and other light cooking.

The inspiration for this unique design dates back to the days of the Vikings. Kudos to this family-run business for looking to the past for a creative solution to an age-old problem.