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Ruggedized technology has a tendency to look the part—bulky, reinforced and armor-like. But the Turtle Shell wireless boombox from Outdoor Tech is different. It has all the features for outdoor exposure, yet with a slick, minimalist aesthetic that makes a statement indoors, outdoors, and anywhere in between.

The Turtle Shell
connects wirelessly to a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. It can stream audio up to 32 feet for 20 hours on a single battery charge. It has built-in speakerphone and microphone functionality, so if you’re streaming music from your phone and a call comes in, you can answer it on speakerphone using the Turtle Shell.

A rubberized coating on the angular shell is waterproof, so you can rinse it off in the sink if you spill a drink, drop it in the mud, or use it in the rain. It’s also shock-proof and resistant to dust. The Turtle Shell fits in the palm of your hand, and it comes with standard camera threading built into the base, which allows for multiple mounting options (such as on a bike). It also has a clip for secure hanging.

The founders of Outdoor Tech, Caro Krissman and Mikie Krisztal, were inspired to create products that blend modern technology with their drive to be outdoors. With their rugged-yet-refined Turtle Shell, you can stay connected to your tunes and your phone without being tethered to them. Where will you take the party?
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Outdoor Technology - Go-Anywhere Bluetooth Speaker

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Mikie

    Hey Grometeers, I'm Mikie, the Creative Director and Industrial Designer here at Outdoor Tech. Our blood boils with design, style and creation which means we are passionate about pumping out awesome products like the Turtle Shell. If you're curious about the speaker or how it's made, I'm happy to answer any questions.

  • Susan
    5/28/2013 1:13 PM

    I am a Marriage Officiate and I perform many small beach weddings. Can I use this for a microphone and a music device with my smart phone and would it be loud enough to reach about 20 people gathered together in front of crashing waves?

  • Aaron
    5/28/2013 1:41 PM

    @Susan Hi Susan, Aaron from The Grommet here. The Turtle Shell is loud, but the venue in which you use it really impacts how well you can hear it. For example, we tested the product in an auditorium with a crowd of about 50 people after a play recital and it was difficult to hear over the talking (granted, it was a lively crowd). If it's a quieter environment with more relaxed background noise, you will likely be able to hear it better.

  • Linda
    5/28/2013 3:56 PM


    Few of you were around in the 1980's living in New York. Boom boxes were huge an loud. The so-called music, was loud and the beat could be felt in apartments in NYC.

    Now we have another device. Smaller and beautifully designed...but really why is it that the younger generation needs to have their ears blasted out. Does anyone ever listen to nature? Or listen to your own thoughts.... Thank goodness I no longer live in NYC... Happy here in beautiful Burlington Vermont... where people are real....

  • Aaron
    5/28/2013 5:27 PM

    @Linda Hi Linda, thank you for the note. How was your long weekend in beautiful Burlington? We appreciate you taking the time to reach out and certainly agree that musical tastes vary greatly. Some enjoy the ambiance of the natural world and some prefer the beat of a bass!

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