Tight Space Paint Brush

By Paint Behind

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Ditch typical brushes for this straight edge painting tool designed to paint hard-to-reach areas like behind a toilet or radiator. The slim, flat paint pads fit on the handle to extend your reach and give you better access (and better coverage) in tight spots. The packaging doubles as a perfectly sized paint tray, too.

  • Materials: Plastic & nylon
  • Care: Hand wash paint pads with water for latex based paints or mineral spirits for oil based paints
  • Includes one applicator handle, two paint pads, and one disposable paint tray
  • Great for painting behind toilets, radiators, refrigerators, gutters, stoves, large furniture, TVs, cabinets and more
  • Perfect for painting behind hard-to-reach areas
  • Helps you easily paint behind fixtures and appliances that have been installed close to walls
  • Extends reach up to 12"
  • Made in China & USA
  • Dimensions: 16.63" x 4.5" x 3"
  • Weight: 0.33 lb.

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Bought this for future projects painting behind hard to paint areas.


Brush is great; don't use the tray


This is a fantastic solution for tight spaces - I had to get behind a toilet and a mirror that was difficult to remove. However, the little plastic tray that comes with it is not great. I found it too flimsy and it created a mess. Just use a normal paint tray and really wipe off the excess paint. Because you're sort of smearing the paint on vs making brush strokes, it's easy to have drips.More > < Less





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About Paint Behind

A Full Coat

Paint Behind creator Susie Ries has worked as an interior designer for 30 years, so she has faced her fair share of tight spots and hard to reach areas when it comes to painting. She created this straight edge painting tool to cover every bit of a wall with paint, even those impossible-seeming spaces like behind a toilet, radiator, or large appliance.

The redesigned paint brush is slim and flat to lay flush against surfaces for both better access and better paint coverage. And its packaging doubles as a perfectly-sized paint tray, too.

Susie loves seeing how folks use her painting tool in new ways—from behind the toilet to around gutters and furniture. We think anyone starting a paint job will appreciate her slimmed-down solution.