Single-Serve Coffee Press

By Palmpress

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This reusable personal coffee press lets you enjoy a coffeehouse-quality brew at home or anywhere you are. It’s a simple way to hand-pour one cup at a time. Fill it with coffee grounds and hot water and wait for three minutes. Flip it over onto a cup or mug, press down, and that’s it—now sipping a daily cup of craft coffee is easy (and delicious).

  • Materials: Silicone and stainless steel inner; ABS and TPR rubber outer
  • Care: Top-rack dishwasher safe. All components easily disassembled for thorough cleaning
  • Includes: One coffee press and instructional booklet
  • Directions: Fill brewing cup with coffee and hot water. Screw on lid and allow to brew for 3 minutes. Set on mug or cup filter-side down and gently press to extract coffee. For more information, read the full instructions
  • Immersion brewing for even coffee extraction
  • Reusable, eco-friendly design free of disposable pods or paper filters
  • Interior comprised of stainless steel and food-grade silicone
  • Compact and portable design
  • BPA- and phthalate-free manufacture
  • Please note: Be careful around hot liquids and keep out of reach of children. Not for use on stove or in the microwave. Read user manual before use and use only as intended
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 2.25" x 4.25" diameter
  • Weight: 0.57 lb

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Hot off the Press!

9/22/2018 by Juanita

The simplicity of the Palmpress was the attraction. When it arrived, I followed the instructions and brewed my first cup of coffee. It was much too weak for my taste. I tried different types of coffee and various grinds. The best one, so far, has turned out to be a medium coarse, as instructed, but I let it brew for 6 minutes. Clean up takes only a few steps, and there is no hassle. It's terrific! The one problem, however, I have is aligning the closing markers to make sure the lid is secure before tipping the press over my cup. I had to struggle a bit to get the markers lined up. My grip was not that secure. I'm getting better at it, with practice. The Palmpress if a fine alternative to my single French Press.More > < Less


Some design flaws

9/29/2018 by Cheryl

I have a friend who makes French Press coffee at home so I thought it would be a great idea to have the single serve for when he visits. I triedr /> I tried it out today and it makes very good rich coffee, much better than my usual drip maker. So why the two stars?

Cleanup is very messy. And, I made the mistake of taking the stainless steel filter out of its silicone holder. Getting it back in is NOT effortless, so now the lip I'm supposed to slip the filter under is ragged from the struggle to get it back in again.

Disappointing to already have a damaged part. If you buy it, don't ever take the filter out -- not really necessary anyway.
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Just made a ness

10/7/2018 by Deborah

Did not work, says to press slowly. Right like that works, not. All I did was make a mess twice.

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About Palmpress

Personal Press

Palmpress coffee press makes it easy to enjoy a barista-worthy cup of coffee wherever you are—specifically, not in line at the coffee shop. It’s designed to simplify the hand-pour coffee making process, while it delivers a better tasting brew.

Add medium grind coffee and hot water to the brewing cup. Pro tip: pouring a little bit of water and waiting 30 seconds before adding the rest will help open up the coffee’s aroma and flavor. Screw on the filter cap and sit tight—only for about two and a half more minutes. Flip the Palmpress over onto your cup or mug and press down to expel freshly brewed, full-bodied coffee.

The reusable press is made with carefully selected materials that are BPA- and phthalate-free and won’t affect—or absorb—the flavor of your cup.

Hand-pouring coffee is considered a craft approach because the process of hot water passing slowly through the grounds extracts more of the coffee’s flavor and aroma. Maker Jessica Do Tully was a fan of buying hand-poured coffee and wanted to create an unfussy way to make this special cup an easy addition to an everyday routine.