Peanut Butter Knife


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Get every last bit from the bottom, rim, and sides of the jar—even the big ones—with this peanut butter knife. The extra-long, stainless steel blade has a curved tip that scrapes jars clean. It’s strong enough to stir and scoop peanut butter, natural nut butters, jams, thick oils and more, and it is extra broad to give you an ample serving with every swipe.

  • Materials: Strength-treated stainless steel and BPA-free ABS plastic
  • Care: Dishwasher safe
  • Great for peanut butter, natural nut butters, jam, coconut oil, mayo, and other spreads
  • Long blade reaches the bottom of large jars
  • Curved blade design cleans the sides, bottom, and top rim of the jar
  • Strength-treated stainless steel cuts and stirs thick spreads, natural peanut butters, and oils
  • Extra-broad blade carves out more spread
  • Blade length: 7"
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 7" x 1" x 1"
  • Weight: 0.22 lb

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5/17/2019 by Mary

The knives are great I bought them for each family group everybody uses them regularly they were like they’re advertised. I am very satisfied.


Two thumbs up!

5/14/2019 by Robin

Such unique kitchen gadgets I have neen very pleased with each and every item! Can't wait to see what I get next.


absolutely perfect

5/14/2019 by Gay

Got this for my husband who is in the peanut butter jar every day. He says its the best gift I ever gave him.


Good to the last drop!

5/13/2019 by LOIS

Product is easy to use and description is accurate.


This PB knife is so "cool".

4/21/2019 by Flo

I like this knife as it is so handy for all kinds of spreads, not only for Peanut Butter.

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Every Last Bite

Fed up with sticky knuckles and wasted food, Maker Landon Christensen created this peanut butter knife to help solve a common kitchen problem: getting every last bit of deliciousness out of peanut butter jars. Yes, even the big ones.

Landon pulled from his art background along with his PB&J-making prowess as a dad to create the PB-JIFE. The long, stainless steel blade has a curved tip specially designed to reach into all the contours of a jar and scrape the bottom, sides, and rim. But PB-JIFE is not just for when the jar is almost done. The strong, extra-broad blade is sturdy enough to stir peanut butter, natural nut butters, jams, thick oils, and other spreads, too. And it can deliver an ample portion to an eagerly awaiting sandwich with just one swipe. It’s one of the most helpful knives around—jar none.