Teaching Coding and Computer Science

A New Pillar of Education

The ability to code is a fundamental skill in many of today’s fastest growing careers. Beyond that, the basic concepts of coding teach invaluable life skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and tangential learning. But even as computers permeate almost every aspect of our way of life, the U.S. education system lags behind. Across America, there has been a marked decrease in the availability of computer science courses. believes that in today’s world, basic computer science and coding skills are fundamental pillars of education, on par with biology, mathematics, and chemistry. And they’re out to make a change in our schools.

The nonprofit organization was founded in 2013 by Hadi and Ali Partovi, who grew up in post-revolutionary Iran before moving to the United States as teenagers. They were some of the lucky few who had access to a Commodore 64 while growing up, which sparked a passion for computer programming. From their humble beginnings,’s founders used their self-taught programming skills to pay their way through college and separately, they each founded incredibly successful startups.

Donations to provide in-person computer science training for teachers, and help build computer science curriculums for schools around the country. needs help from supporters like you to achieve their goal of improving education for 100 million students. Your donations will give the next generation the tools to thrive in our technology-dependent society.
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Help us raise $5M to reach 100 million students

Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Meredith
    Meredith is special to me because they realize you can't just think in the present when it comes to education. You must be forward thinking and understanding of how the world is changing. does just that by creating and distributing computer science courses to millions of children across America.

    Meredith Doherty, Discovery @ The Grommet

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