Energy Saving Light Bulb - Warm

By Plumen

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The Plumen 002 features low brightness and warm tones to bring an atmospheric glow to any room. It's energy-efficient too, and can last on average 10 times longer than a traditional bulb.

  • Material: Metal, glass, plastic
  • Care: Do not use in a damp area
  • Works in series or alone, as well as in a pendant, table light, or wall sconce
  • Compared to an Edison bulb, the 002 LED uses 80% less energy and lasts 10 times longer
  • Compatible with most trailing edge dimmers
  • Designed by HULGER and Bertrand Clerc
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.4" x 6.1"
  • Weight: 0.22 lb.

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About Plumen

Low Energy, High Appeal

It’s easy to buy into the energy-saving features of compact fluorescent light bulbs. They use a fraction of the energy that traditional incandescent bulbs consume, they take a nice bite out of the electricity bill, and they’re better for the environment. But the look? Not so appealing. Until now...

The Plumen 001 energy-saving light bulb takes its form as seriously as its function. The lighting tubes have an organic, sculptural quality. They give the bulb a distinctive silhouette that changes as you view it from different angles. Conceived by the product design firm Hulger, with an assist from British designer Samuel Wilkinson, the Plumen 001 gets its name from the word “plume", which describes a bird’s show feather. Except for its energy-efficient qualities, it’s nothing like the typical boring compact fluorescent bulb that you want to hide immediately under a lampshade. This bird is show-worthy.