PocketMonkey Multi-Tool - 2 Pack Case of 2

By Zootility

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Twelve functions packed into one millimeter of stainless steel. It's the size of credit card, so you can easily carry it with you at all times without adding bulk or heft to your wallet or purse. Set of 2.

  • Made in the USA
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Heat-treated for extra strength
  • Ultra-thin, merely 1 mm thick
  • Conveniently fits in a card slot in your wallet
  • Lightweight, tipping the scales at only 1 oz.
  • 12 specific uses such as: Phone kickstand, bottle opener and letter opener
  • TSA-compliant so you can take it on planes when traveling
  • Comes in set of 2
  • Dimensions: 3" x 0.1" x 2"
  • Weight: 0.06 lb.

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disappointing purchase

3/1/2019 by Mary Anne

I bought this in the belief that I could use it for so many things but found it works on nothing I have tried to use it on. I gave the second one to my husband and he has found no use for it either. I thought the long pointed end would help with loosening the twist of soda bottles that don't want to 'get started' but it is too thick.More > < Less


Not impressed

6/26/2017 by Sharon

Not that great. Tears envelopes. Hard to see
Icons on it. Not thrilled with it at all.


Not totally TSA approve. Got stopped and searched.

12/26/2016 by Joy



My purchase was never delivered!

12/30/2015 by Linda

My purchase was never delivered!


Caveat emptor

7/30/2015 by John

The description states that it is "TSA Compliant" and maybe it is. But have you ever tried to argue with a TSA agent about their regulations when they've already decided to take your Pocket Monkey? It doesn't get you far.

This isn't so much a criticism of the Pocket Monkey itself, which has come in handy over the last few months, but rather a warning that to some TSA agents you might be in a 'grey area' with the "cutting blade" as they describe it to me. Of course, it wasn't "grey" to them. They stated to me (at Denver Airport, 7/30/15) that they have "received pamphlets on these" and they are illegal to carry on a plane.

Who's right? I don't know. TSA.gov states that any "blade" is prohibited. Scissors are okay, but the PM doesn't really look like scissors, and arguing that the little curved edge isn't a blade . . . well, it's hard to argue in the security line anyway.
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Zootility - Multi-Functional Pocket Tools

About Zootility

Light & Mighty

Founder and self-proclaimed tinkerer, Nate Barr, set out to find a pocket tool that wouldn’t weigh him down. When he couldn’t find one, he used his mechanical engineering background to create and make the PocketMonkey right here in the USA.

His company, Zootility, is a true American manufacturing success story. The PocketMonkey, a 12-in-one utility tool that’s thin enough to fit in your wallet’s credit card slot, has been a resounding success. Millions of Americans own one. (If not you, what are you waiting for?)

Nate’s hobby has blossomed into a full-time business that employs seven people, and growing. They’ve expanded to other multi-tools, all light and strong. The secret to packing so much strength and utility into an ultra-thin piece of stainless steel? Heat treating for maximum durability.

So whether you’re opening a bottle, peeling an orange, opening a letter, tightening a screw, or doing other everyday tasks, Zootility has got a Made in the USA multi-tool for you.