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  • Portable Matcha Tea Powders by 10th Avenue Tea - 1
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Portable Matcha Tea Powders

Full Details

  • Made in the USA: Wood Dale, IL
  • Materials: Shaker: Aluminum bottle & paper; Tea: Matcha green tea powder, natural flavors
  • Care: For freshness, twist top closed after each use
  • Directions: Shake about 4 shakes into mug or bottle and add 8 oz. of hot water, cold water, or milk to powder
  • Includes: 45 servings of tea per bottle
  • Can be used to make iced or hot tea
  • Free of calories, sugar, and preservatives
  • Comes in a 2 oz recyclable aluminum bottle
  • Dimensions: 2" x 2" x 3.75"
  • Weight: 0.3 lb Flavor Profiles:
  • Black Tea Matcha: The famous English Breakfast Tea is the perfect accompaniment to your preferred daily breakfast. And, it offers the antioxidant benefits of green tea with the bold flavor of black tea. Great hot with milk and honey or in a breakfast smoothie Ingredients: English breakfast tea powder, Japanese matcha tea powder Caffeine Content: 26 mg/8 oz
  • Green Tea Matcha: The all-natural Green Tea Matcha is a blend of select organic green teas. The antioxidant rich powder has the characteristic herbaceous flavor of a green tea with an earthy kick and silky smooth texture. Great for making hot green tea, iced, or added to lemonade Ingredients: Organic green tea powder, organic Japanese matcha tea powder Caffeine Content: 28 mg/8 oz
  • Chai Tea Matcha: The Chai Matcha Tea is a full-bodied black tea mixed with matcha and spices. This fine powder has a smoky note with hints of cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, and clove. Great for making lattes with milk and honey or sprinkled onto oatmeal Ingredients: Natural chai flavor, black tea powder, Japanese matcha tea powder Caffeine Content: 17 mg/8 oz
  • Tropical Tea Matcha: Tropical Matcha Tea incorporates the crisp flavors of mango, kiwi, and peach. Great when mixed into cold sparkling water and a fruit wedge for refreshing iced tea Ingredients: Green tea powder, natural mango flavor, natural kiwi flavor, Japanese Matcha tea powder Caffeine Content: 28 mg/8 oz
  • Herbal Berry: Made with caffeine-free rooibos redbush tea. Has refreshing plum and berry notes. Great in iced tea, sparkling water, or smoothies Ingredients: Rooibos tea powder, natural blueberry flavor, natural plum flavor Caffeine Content: Caffeine-free

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Made in the USA

Portable Matcha Tea Powders

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Enjoy a cup of matcha tea (and all its antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber-packed goodness) just about anywhere with these shakable, powdered teas. The powders are made with blends of all-natural green and black tea, Japanese matcha, and natural flavors. Each is easily dissolvable in either hot or cold water—just shake out how much you want, stir, and sip.
Made in the USA

10th Avenue Tea

Friends and tea-drinkers Ann Foley and Morgan Walsh created a better way to make matcha tea on-the-go. All it takes is a shake and a stir.

Their Made in the USA teas are all-natural, instant powders that come in a shaker bottle. It’s easy to enjoy a cup just about anywhere—hot or cold.

Matcha tea is made from finely ground tea leaves, which is why it’s healthier than many other teas—it’s packed with fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. Unlike traditional matcha, which requires whipping until it’s frothy, these powders are made with a fast-dissolving blend of pure Japanese matcha and other tea extracts.

Morgan and Ann suffered simultaneous tea fails in different states (over-steeped tea and a stubbed toe dashing a drippy bag to the trash, respectively) that motivated them to make their shakable teas. The result is a more convenient way to enjoy a cup of matcha and its healthy benefits.