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180 Degree Flashlight

180 Degree Flashlight

Independent Maker

Full Details

  • Materials: ABS plastic, LED lights
  • Includes: Flashlight, lanyard included only with mini
  • Wide beam light
  • Mini brightness: 307 lumens; Original brightness: 565 lumens, high and low settings
  • Water-resistant
  • Drop-resistant up to 3 feet
  • Requires AA batteries (included)
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Mini: 6" x 4" x 5"; Original: 7" x 5.8" x 1.6"
  • Weight: Mini: 0.25 lb; Original: 0.33 lb
Independent Maker


5 avg. (266 reviews)

Shines Brightly
10/20/2019 by Georgia
This flashlight is great. There are two levels of brightness but the best part is that it cast a wider beam of light because of its shape. This is a good flashlight. Love it
Lots of Light!
10/14/2019 by Suzanne
I love this big mega-flashlight. It shines a 180 light into my dark as pitch crawl space. It does use LED bulbs so I was a bit surprised that it was not as bright as I thought it would be, but I'm an old fud from the era of incandescent bulbs, which I prefer. I am very happy with my purchase. It arrived very quickly!
Great Light!!!
10/13/2019 by Diane
I ordered the mini for me last year. Love it. Lite weight, easy to hold. I ordered 2 more, one for my car and one for my daughter-in-law.
Love it!
10/12/2019 by Carolyn
I got the small one. It’s easy to hold onto as well as operate. It lights up my entire backyard so my nasty little dogs don’t have anywhere to hide anymore. I love it!
Let there be light!
10/12/2019 by Arlene
Gave mini 180° Flashlight 4 Stars only ‘cause the little yellow button sometime is hard to turn on or off; otherwise I’m very pleased w/the bright light it gives off so you can see all around you. Am a big fan of Grommet & the products they sell even tho’ sometimes their products are a little over the top.
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180 Degree Flashlight

Lighten things up with a wide beam flashlight that illuminates your natural field of vision. A curved design and three ultra-bright LED bulbs create a 180 degree arc of light, providing improved visibility in all directions—not just straight ahead.


The idea to create a wide beam flashlight was born when Ron Pritchett had a near-miss spill on the basement stairs. He was doing that back and forth motion with his flashlight to sweep light across the entire area in front him, and it caused him to miss a step and nearly fall.

He invented TripleLite to illuminate a 180 degree arc, which matches your field of vision. The curved design gives you major visibility, thanks to three carefully-arranged, ultra-bright LED bulbs. His smart, simple upgrade really was a bright idea. more Their Story