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LED Clip Lightz 2-Pack LED Clip Lightz 2-Pack

LED Clip Lightz 2-Pack

by 4id

Full Details

  • Instructions: Click to turn on steady light, click twice for flashing light, click three times to turn off
  • Ultra-bright LED lights provide 100 hours of light
  • No-slip clip ensures you can attach to any piece of clothing or accessory
  • Weatherproof
  • Made in China
Wipe down with damp cloth if needed
Two Clip Lightz, four CR2032 batteries, one mini screwdriver, two adjustable velcro straps
2" x 0.5" x 1"
0.125 lb


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LED Clip Lightz 2-Pack

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Light up every adventure you take. Sleek and weatherproof, these clip lights are designed to easily attach to any piece of clothing and stay out of the way. Each package contains two safety lights.


Night owls and 4id Founders, Ron Biron and Rodger Bailey, strive to keep active people safe with their light bands. They’re a great addition to regular exercise gear and slip on easily with no extra bulk.

Wrap them around the heel of your sneaker or bicep, or attach a light-up leash to your canine companion to increase your visibility. The ultra-bright LEDs last for hours, and you can set them to glow continuously or flash. And each light is weatherproof, so you’ll have an extra measure of safety in any conditions.

Whether you’re walking to work early in the morning, or out for an evening jog, you’ll have additional peace of mind from this bright idea. more Their Story