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A-Ben-A-Qui Natural Cleaners
Universal Cleaning Paste - Set of 2

All-natural ingredients · Tried-and-true formula · Works on most hard surfaces

Clean up at home in a greener way. This all-natural cleaning paste is Made in the USA with a tried-and-true formula that’s environmentally safer. It works on just about any hard surface, from the kitchen to the bathroom and even glass—just apply, rub, and wipe away.

  • Made in Exeter, New Hampshire
  • Instructions: Apply with clean cloth, rub briskly, and wipe clean
  • Nontoxic way to tackle the most stubborn stains and messes
  • Biodegradable, eco-friendly formula doesn‚Äôt contain any harmful chemicals, fumes or fragrances
  • Completely safe to use in homes or offices with children and pets, or anyone with allergies or skin sensitivities
  • Perfect for cleaning glass top stoves and stainless steel appliances at home, lockers, toilet partitions, floors and more
  • Please note: Keep out of reach of children
Made in the USA


Two 20 oz tubs of Natural Universal Cleaning Paste


(each) 2.75" x 4.5" diameter


(each) 1.25 lbs


Feldspar powder, sodium tallowate, quartz, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, glycerin, sodium chloride


Do not store in freezing temperatures


A-Ben-A-Qui Natural Cleaners

A-Ben-A-Qui Natural Cleaners Maker Brooks Pollock wanted to take the same tough-and-green cleaning paste his dad used commercially and make it accessible for folks to have at home. Made in New Hampshire with a decades-old formula, the all-natural cleaner works on most hard surfaces around the house. From kitchen counters to bathroom tile to even glass (like a glass cooktop stove), it’s effective and environmentally safer than some other cleaners. Apply the paste, rub it briskly, and then wipe grime away.