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PowerPlay PowerPlay


Sustainable Living

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  • Materials: Vegetable-tanned leather, elastic band
  • Breathable material, can be left attached to the adapter at all times—even when connected to the extension cable or plugged into a socket
  • To use, simply fit the elastic strap around the adapter. Wrap the cable around the center like a yo-yo and slide cable end through the hook to secure
  • Inside the cable "reel" is a piece of inner foam padding, which the cable can easily wrap around without strain
  • Each piece is carefully burnished with beeswax and heat to produce refined, polished edges
  • Each item may display subtle variations in color and texture as a distinct characteristic of genuine, natural leather hides
  • Please note that the PowerPlay is currently only available for the MacBook/MacBook Air 85W & 60W, MagSafe & MagSafe 2 Power Adapter
  • Made in Thailand
  • Dimensions: 3.2" diameter, approx. 1" thick with cable coiled inside
  • Weight: 0.123 lb.
Sustainable Living


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A hit
01/08/2019 by Kelly
It's a wonderful idea. My husband travel often for his profession and is constantly moving his laptop. That said, wrapping the cords does guarantee ware and tear on the cords due to being coiled. It's already in use and it keep it nicely coiled and should lessen the ware. One item of note he mentioned. It does not or is for the actual power cord. It would be wonderful if something similar could be designed for the power cord side. I don't know why, I did not notice it was not for the actual power cord as well. It's a wonderful product for those who are on the move with laptops.
09/10/2018 by Marilyn
So far it's great and keeps the cords from flying all over
Everyone asks, "Where did you buy that?"
07/05/2017 by Desmond
"At The Grommet". Great problem solver.
06/28/2016 by Sam
Such a great helpful product!
Spool for cords.
08/26/2015 by ANTHONY
Works well. No more tangled cords.
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ABOVE THE FRAY cord organizers are hand fashioned with vegetable-tanned leather. It’s an environmentally friendly process that creates rich, natural hues and leaves leather soft and supple. PowerPlay protects your MacBook power brick against scratches while keeping those thin cables rolled up and stashed away, never again to unravel in your bag.


Elegantly organize cord chaos with handcrafted leather bobbins by ABOVE THE FRAY. Wind earbuds and MacBook cords around, and they stay snug—easy to carry, use, and store.

The top grain leather is vegetable tanned, creating rich, warm colors from earthy elements like vegetables and bark. Gentle on the environment, the process retains the leather’s ingrained markings while it becomes soft and supple with use.

Founder Achara Masoodi is a self-taught designer who empowers independent artisans in Bangkok. ABOVE THE FRAY selects each individual hide, then cuts the shapes out on a hand-powered machine in a decades-old Bangkok workshop. They finish each piece by hand with a beeswax burnish.

The earbuds organizer is light enough to stay attached when listening to music. And the PowerPlay smartly organizes the cord and heavy brick on MacBook chargers. It helps prevent scratching, and because the leather is breathable, you can keep the charger inside even when it’s plugged in.

By cleverly combining traditional craft and modern function, ABOVE THE FRAY’s designs will fit flawlessly into your everyday life. more Their Story