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Wooden Tabletop Horseracing Game

Nostalgic-feeling fun inspired by classic games Gets the whole family playing
Made in the USA

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  • Made in the USA: St. Louis, MO
  • Instructions: See the full directions for game rules
  • Bring the excitement of the racetrack to your living room
  • Fun and easy to learn game of chance, great for the whole family
  • No electronics or batteries required
  • Classic, nostalgic design and high-quality craftsmanship
  • Great for small or large groups consisting of 2-6 players
  • Warning: Small parts choking hazard, not for children under 3 years of age
Maple or walnut wood, metal, vinyl, acrylic, plastic, paper
One horse racing game board, velvet bag containing a pair of dice, deck of cards, and 11 numbered horses
21.5" x 11.5" x 0.75"
4 lbs
Made in the USA


5 avg. (9 reviews)

Great Game
04/22/2019 by John
I love this game. The board looks very nice, and is fun to play with the family. You have the option of using real money (nickels) for betting or use poker chips, which both are not included in the box. The rules are easy to understand, and even my 11 year old granddaughter had fun playing with the family. The game shipped quick and arrived faster than I expected. I would recommend it as a great family game or an alternative to a poker night gathering with friends. The rounds of play move quickly and it really holds your attention as you root for your horse to win the race.
years ago
04/02/2019 by Sheryl
This was one of my favorite toys. The old one was moved forward by vibration; at least that is what I recall. We, my brothers and friends and Mom, loved it!!!! I can see a fun betting game made played with this now.
Off To The Races
03/23/2019 by Theresa
We're a group of seniors who greatly enjoyed playing Across The Board. Not difficult to learn and only luck is involved in the game. No strategy to worry about. Would be great for all ages to have fun together. The maple board is beautifully made. My only wish would be for chips to be included.
Great Family Fun
03/22/2019 by Kathryn
Bought this for my sister as a birthday present. We never got to the cake. Started playing this game and forgot about everything else. It is well made and easy to learn and lots of fun!
spare parts ?
02/25/2019 by Ronald
Love the game, however, does not supply spare labels or horses.
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Wooden Tabletop Horseracing Game

Nostalgic-feeling fun inspired by classic games Gets the whole family playing
Gallop to a victory. This horseracing board game has you race against other jockeys to reach the finish line first. It combines dice, cards, and little pegged horses that are full of nostalgic charm. The wooden board is handcrafted in Missouri and is made with the mission to bring families together for an old-school (and fun) screen-free game night.

Across The Board

Across The Board games are handcrafted wooden tributes to classic games that are designed to get families together. And they are made to last for many years of game night fun.

All the games—from penny hockey to horse racing to a king-of-the-hill strategy game—are straightforward and easy to play. This is deliberate because, to maker Kim McDaniel and her late husband, Ryan, it’s all about gathering family and friends for screen-free time together.

Kim and Ryan were inspired by old-school games they found at Ryan’s mom’s house. They started out in 2008 making their own games for friends in their garage. Across The Board has since grown into a workshop, where Kim runs the show.

The McDaniels' new-but-nostalgic take on board games is one we appreciate. There are no bells and whistles, but instead you’ll find attractive, well-made wooden boards that are crafted with a keen attention to detail. And we bet you’ll also find lots of kids and grown-ups who want to play them again and again. more Their Story