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Acupressure Tension Relief Wearable

This little feel-good device sits on your LI4 acupressure point (right between your thumb and index finger) to help improve qi—also known as your body’s energy flow—and is thought to soothe aches and tension. Made in the USA.

  • Instructions: Place on the LI4 acupressure point, located where the thumb and index finger join. Wear on either hand; non-dominant hand recommended
  • Believed to help ease stress, facial pain, headaches, toothaches, and neck pain
  • LI4 pressure point has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine
  • May experience some relief as soon as one to three minutes
  • May be worn from five minutes to several hours, depending upon preference
  • Drug-free tension relief
  • Please note: Not intended to replace doctor prescribed medications. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Avoid use if pregnant, may induce contractions
Made in the USA


One Acupressure Tension Relief Wearable


1.75" x 0.75" x 0.75"


0.06 lb




Waterproof, hand washable



Using this all-natural acupressure pain relief wearable can help restore the flow of your qi, also known as your body’s energy flow. By applying pressure to your LI4 (it’s that little bulge between your thumb and index fingers), it’s thought that Aculief can help soothe pains and aches around your body. Squeezing your LI4 is an acupressure treatment used to help ease tension and discomfort in joints and muscles. Acupressure is inspired by acupuncture practices found in traditional Chinese medicine, where pain is believed to be the result of interrupted qi (pronounced “chi”), or energy flow. Targeting certain areas or pressure points in the body is thought to restore this flow. Keep this little device handy for quick mini-acupressure sessions wherever you are.