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5-in-1 Outdoor Multi-Tool

5-in-1 Outdoor Multi-Tool

Independent Maker

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  • Materials: Multi-tool: High-quality, rust-resistant carbon rolled steel with a minimum of 5% 1045 grade chromium content; Holster: Heavy-duty lined canvas
  • Care: Keep clean and dry
  • Original has a stone wash, matte black finish. Premium is hand-polished to a shiny, silver-like finish
  • Includes handle pole, hatchet attachment, hammer, hook, saw, pointed spade head attachment, leather safety sheath, and canvas carrying holster
  • High-quality steel protects against corrosion
  • Sturdy holster with belt loop made of durable canvas
  • Hatchet: Can be used to split wood, sharpen sticks, fell trees, cut meat and vegetables, and extract nails
  • Saw: Can be used to cut through thick logs, bones, ropes, or plastic
  • Hammer: Can be used to hammer in tent pegs, drive nails into trees, drive stakes into the ground, crack rocks, or mash up kindling
  • Shovel: Can be used to dig a fire pit, shovel hot coals, throw sand to put out a fire, scale fish, and scrape a BBQ grill clean
  • Hook: Can be used to retrieve tent pegs, hook and lift a pot or billy off a campfire, safely remove a hot BBQ grill plate, pull stakes out of the ground, or open bottles
  • The holster safely and compactly stores all of the tool parts
  • Ideal for off-roaders, campers, boaters, hunters, fishermen, and disaster recovery
  • Compact, portable design
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 12.5" x 6.5" x 1.25"
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs. Instructions:
  • The hatchet/hammer/hook functions are ready to use unless the saw is in position or if the spade head is attached (Position 1)
  • Saw function: Unscrew the handle pole from the base of the main tool and screw it onto the top of the saw tool to cover the hook and create a handle (Position 2)
  • Spade function: Unscrew the handle pole from the main tool and slide it over the short pole and quick release ball locking pin connected to the spade base to lock the handle pole securely into place (Position 3)
  • All pieces fit securely within the holster (Holster Position)
Independent Maker


5 avg. (8 reviews)

Great tool
02/13/2019 by Meredith
Gave these as gifts to my teenage boys and they loved them.
A marvelous gift
09/21/2018 by Julie
I gifted this item to my dear friend he brags about it every chance he uses it!
A gift
07/26/2018 by Richard
This was a gift for a camper and he loves it.
07/25/2018 by Roger
Multi tool for the outdoor
01/26/2018 by Mark
A simple to use and carry in the backpack while hike or camping.
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5-in-1 Outdoor Multi-Tool

With a handy hatchet multi-tool at the ready, you’re prepared for outdoor adventures in the wild or just the backyard. Essential functions like sawing, hammering, chopping, hooking, and digging are packed into the rugged steel design. But all that functionality won’t weigh you down. This tool is lightweight and compact, and easy to keep on-hand thanks to a canvas carrying pouch.

Adventure Mate

This sturdy multi-tool is sure to be your new favorite companion on outdoor excursions. It packs five must-have tools—hammer, hook, hatchet, shovel, and saw—into a lightweight, portable design.

It’s high-quality, made from rust-resistant carbon rolled steel to stand up to tough jobs. But that doesn’t make this tool bulky. It packs neatly into a compact canvas holster that won’t get in the way or slow you down.

Adventure Mate is an Australian-based family affair for Bill, Shirley, and Conrad Sayer. The Sayers share a passion for the great outdoors. Conrad came up with the idea for a rugged all-in-one-tool while on a post-graduation hiking trek. He wanted to provide the necessary functions (like nailing, scaling, sawing, digging, and the all-important bottle opening) without getting bogged down in gear.

We think the Sayers’ multi-tool hits the nail on the head—and then some. more Their Story