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  • One-Touch Electric Wine Aerator by Aervana - 1
  • One-Touch Electric Wine Aerator by Aervana - 2
  • One-Touch Electric Wine Aerator by Aervana - 3
  • One-Touch Electric Wine Aerator by Aervana - 4
  • One-Touch Electric Wine Aerator by Aervana - 5
  • One-Touch Electric Wine Aerator by Aervana - 6

One-Touch Electric Wine Aerator

by Aervana

Full Details

  • See full guide to determine which model is right for you
  • Instructions: Attach the aeration tube, insert into a bottle of wine tube first, place a glass under the spout. Press the button on top and hold to dispense. Release when glass is filled to desired level
  • Patented push-button doubles as a personal tap and aerator
  • Provides six times the aeration of traditional pour-through aerators
  • Select model features adjustable aeration
  • Made in China
Essential: PET plastic, ABS plastic, stainless steel; Original and Select: ABS plastic, stainless steel
Clean by dispensing water through the unit with an empty wine bottle
Original and Select: Counter-top display stand. Requires six AAA batteries (not included)
Essential Accommodation
750 ml bottles
Original and Select Accommodation
750 ml and 1.5 L bottles
Aerates 4 oz every 2 seconds
Essential: 9.8" x 5.9" x 3.1"; Original and Select: 11.4" x 5.9" x 2.5"
Essential: 0.5 lb; Original and Select: 1.5 lbs


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One-Touch Electric Wine Aerator

by Aervana

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Push-button doubles as a personal tap & aerator · Six times the aeration of pour-through aerators
Aervana provides instant aeration for wines that need to breathe. Simply press the top button to dispense a smoother, more balanced glass of wine. Letting a wine “breathe” by exposing it to air is often just the thing to get a smoother, fuller tasting glass. Aervana allows you to pour your aerated wine in style. It's designed to leave wine sediment in the bottle rather than in your glass. Plus, there's no lifting, holding, aiming, or spilling.
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Maker Louis Christen came up with the idea for Aervana when his daughter was studying to become a master sommelier. They would open bottles over the dinner table together and enjoy the unique character of each wine. Rather than wait for the wine to decant, Louis wanted to speed up the process so they could taste wine without waiting and pre-planning. After five years of development, Louis released the Aervana, a bottle top battery-powered wine aerator. Introducing oxygen to wines that are young, tannic, or bold helps reveal the true flavor profile of the wine and mellow compounds like sulfites and ethanol. The taste difference experienced by properly aerating wines that benefit from it comes close to nirvana. Therefore, using the product you experience "aeration nirvana" or "Aervana." Aervana simplifies aeration with its one-touch design, so you can enjoy your vino faster.
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