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Jewelry Spray Jewelry Spray

Jewelry Spray

by Alchemy

Made in the USA
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

Full Details

  • Please note: This item cannot be shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, or PO boxes.
  • Made in the USA: Thomaston, GA
  • Materials: De-ionized purified water and <2% of a proprietary polymer acrylate blend, and wetting agent
  • Contents under pressure. Store at room temperature
  • Travel size at 3 oz.
  • Packaged so that the propellant never leaves the bottle
  • Approximately 50 applications in each bottle
  • Easy-to-use aerosol
  • Colorless and odorless
  • Great for children's costume jewelry as well
  • Designed to protect your skin from discoloration and irritation
  • Dimensions: 6.25" x 1.75"
  • Weight: 0.18 lb.
Made in the USA
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


4 avg. (40 reviews)

Wonderful idea!
11/01/2019 by Barbra
Didn't seem to last very long. Have only used it once. Can't wait to try it again.
07/03/2019 by Carol
this does seem to work as claimed
05/19/2019 by Charla
I have used this on several pairs of earrings and metal back watches! No rash no itch and no discoloration on my skin! Thank you for a great product!
12/17/2018 by Christy
I have been eyeing this for a few years now! Finally bought it and I am not disappointed. The ph levels in my skin make any costume jewelry (even high end like Kendra Scott, Stella & Dot, Kate Spade, etc.) tarnish like mad and turn my fingers/wrists/neck green. I LOVE jewelry. Sprayed my rings and necklaces generously, let dry and NO TARNISH, NO GREEN. I can't believe it. Didn't effect the stones, didn't leave any bubble marks or streaks. Best product ever. Wrapped the second bottle up as a gift, so I'm going to have buy more, clearly! :)
Better than clear nail polish!
10/09/2018 by Jennifer
My 11-year old daughter has been reacting to many of her earrings and has been frustrated. We've tried painting clear polish on but it's messy, and for tiny little earrings, it's hard to hold! This has stopped the reactions she's having to her earrings. My skin doesn't feel sticky or gross after spraying earrings, and my hands and counter tops wash up nice and clean after. I am pleasantly surprised at how well this works!!
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Jewelry Spray

Jewelry Spray
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Jewelry Spray

Alchemy is a quick-drying jewelry sealer that helps protect your skin from discoloration and irritation. Spray this water-based polymer onto rings, earrings, necklaces and more, and it provides an invisible barrier of protection between jewelry and skin.


Wear your favorite earrings, rings, necklaces, and more without skin irritation or discoloration. Simply spray jewelry with Alchemy and, once dried, you can't see it, feel it, or smell it. It’s working, though—like an invisible, barely-there barrier between jewelry and skin.

Alchemy is a water-based, proprietary polymer blend that is easy to use: spray it on, let it dry, and your jewelry is ready to wear. Plus, it’s alcohol- and fragrance-free—meaning no harsh smell. And Alchemy actually protects jewelry as well, slowing the oxidation process, so it doesn’t tarnish as easily. Overall, Alchemy is a far better solution than putting clear nail polish on your baubles.

As a jewelry Maker, founder Ashley Colonna was familiar with the problems metal can cause. She created Alchemy spray for people to enjoy their bling without worrying about it affecting their skin.

With Alchemy spray, wear your jewelry with confidence and comfort. more Their Story