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Odor Neutralizing Reed Refill

This set of reed refills works with the alio odor neutralizing diffuser vase, or you can pop a few in a drawer or inside shoes to keep things smelling fresh. The reeds are made in the USA with Auracell, a natural polymer made from sustainably harvested trees and locally sourced trees. They are then infused with odor neutralizer and subtle, light fragrances.

  • Instructions: Reeds will start working upon being removed from the freshness tube. Place the reeds into the vase and then set the vase in your desired area. Reeds can also be used in small spaces such as drawers, gym bags, and shoes for a hint of fragrance and odor neutralization. alio recommends flipping the reeds weekly for optimal diffusion
  • Flip the reeds weekly for optimal diffusion and change the reeds every 30-45 days
  • Best used to eliminate odor and provide a subtle fragrance
  • Oil-free design does not leave a residue
  • Patented odor-neutralizing formula eliminates unwanted odors and provides a subtle fragrance
  • Made from all-natural wood resin sourced from sustainable forests
  • Caution: Use only as intended. Do not ingest. Keep away from flames
Made in the USA

Jasmine Rain:

A soft floral bouquet with fresh, dewy greens and a hint of sweet vanilla

Cedar & Teak:

Fresh fir balsam and the unmistakable scent of a cedar with a hint of earthy patchouli and warm vanilla

Soft Blanket:

Wrap yourself in the scent of a soft, warm blanket. Fresh nuances of sun-drenched linen, bright citrus, and subtle white florals

Fresh Cucumber:

This spa-like fragrance relaxes the mind with the scents of dewy greens, juicy melon, and fresh cucumber

Warm Vanilla:

An exquisite blend of rich vanilla and warm amber notes come together to create this delicious blend

Lavender Beeswax:

Provence lavender, honey, vanilla, and smooth woods dry down to a warm, golden base. The perfect mix of brightness and warmth


15 fragrance-infused, odor-neutralizing diffuser reeds


Reed tube of 15: 6.5" x 1" diameter


0.03 lb


Reeds: Wood resin (Auracell), fragrance



alio diffuser reeds don’t mask smells, they neutralize them. Trust us, there’s a difference, and once you enjoy the fresh, light fragrances (minus any unwanted odors) you’ll notice the difference, too. The reeds are made in the USA with Auracell, a cellulose-based natural polymer made from sustainably harvested and locally sourced trees. They are infused with an odor neutralizer that has molecules formulated to attract and absorb bad odors. The reeds smell light and fresh—nothing heavy or cloying. That’s because the scents and neutralizer are applied at a low temperature, so they diffuse a low-key hint of fragrance. Adam Bell is running this third-generation company. His dad Albert came up with the idea of embedding fragrance into resin. Adam took it one step further by adding the odor neutralizer. It’s a mess-free approach we appreciate—no oil or flame needed. It’s great for small spaces like a kitchen or bathroom, or you can pop the reeds in a drawer or in shoes.