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Amaranth Vase Company
Easy Drain & Stem Access Flower Vase

Longer-lasting bouquets · Change the water and snip stems without removing the bouquet

An easy-drain flower vase helps cut blooms last longer by making it easier to care for them. The bottom of the vase twists off so you can trim stems and freshen water without removing the bouquet. And unlike traditional glass ones, this vase is made with impact-resistant materials so it can handle drops and tumbles.

  • Instructions: Twist off bottom of vase, remove water from vase, and trim stems to keep bouquet fresh. Replace with fresh water and reattach bottom of vase
  • Innovative vase to house your favorite bouquets
  • Makes stem trimming easily accessible without removing bouquet from vase
  • Designed with impact-resistant materials
  • Modern geometric design
  • Made in China


One Easy Drain & Stem Access Flower Vase. Bouquet not included


10" x 4.5" diameter


2.2 lbs


Polypropylene, marble powder


Hand wash with mild dish soap and cool water. Air dry. Not dishwasher safe


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