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Cardboard Cat Ball Toy - Set of 3 Cardboard Cat Ball Toy - Set of 3

Cardboard Cat Ball Toy - Set of 3

Made in the USA
Small Business Support
Sustainable Living

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  • Made in the USA: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Made from non-toxic materials to keep cats (and their human family) safe
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Balls spin and wobble as they roll, making play more exciting
  • Cats are drawn to the natural, tree-like scent of cardboard
Eco-friendly recycled cardboard and non-toxic, food-safe adhesive
Three cat ball toys in different shapes (one circular, one hexagon, and one X-shaped)
Dimensions (each)
1.5" diameter
Weight (each)
0.1 lb
Made in the USA
Small Business Support
Sustainable Living


4 avg. (9 reviews)

They actually liked it!
01/10/2020 by Deb
I know my grandkitties like cardboard - what cats don't, but they are a little picky when it comes to toys. I was happy to hear my daughter found one of them in the middle of her bed playing with the ball. It was a good purchase!
Christmas Cat Loves Them
01/07/2020 by Lynn
Gave them to a friend's very picky cat for Christmas, and she plays with them all the time cause they are so easy for her to scoot across the floor.
Waste of money.
01/05/2020 by Belinda K
Others cats may play with them, but my cat was not interested.
Finicky cat says "meh"
12/31/2019 by L
These are well made, but unfortunately do not capture my cats' interest. If your cats aren't too particular, they might make good use of them.
My daughters cat loves them
12/31/2019 by Donald
When I first saw these cat toys made of cardboard, I figured only a cat lover could’ve invented such a thing. Some sort tactile experience the designer had seen in their own interaction with their pet. So I said “why not” and left them as a Christmas present for her daughter’s cat. A great success.
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Cardboard Cat Ball Toy - Set of 3

Cats need playtime to satisfy their natural hunting instincts, exercise, and relieve stress. Americat Company cat ball toys are handcrafted in the USA from two ingredients: eco-friendly recycled cardboard and non-toxic adhesive. Designed for cat safety, they contain no small parts, dyes, or added chemicals.

Americat Company

Americat Company handcrafts cat toys and scratching pads in the USA for safety, quality, and peace of mind. Americat Company carefully selects materials that are safe for cats (and their human family). They use a durable, eco-friendly cardboard with a non-toxic, food safe adhesive for ensured safety.

Late one night, Diane Danforth was online shopping for presents for her rescue cats. She was shocked at how hard it was to find cat products that were made in the USA. From there, Americat Company was born. In addition to USA manufacturing, Americat Company uses recycled cardboard and reduces waste by using leftover materials from making scratching pads to make cat toys.

A gift from Americat Company is sure to make your own cats or your friends' and family's cats purr. more Their Story

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