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Unravel 3-Panel Wireless Charging Pad

by Ampere

Full Details

  • See instructions for full information
  • All three Unravel panels have a fast 10W wireless charging coil
  • Can also charge one Apple Watch
  • Foldable design allows for multiple charging positions and increased portability
  • Silicon grips designed to keep your devices in place
  • Features overcharging protection, foreign object detection, and overheating detection
  • LED lights indicate the charging status of each individual pad
  • Please note: Read all instructions and warnings prior to using this product. Do not store or use the device in high-temperature environment, including heat caused by intense sunlight. Do not use devices in small, confined or sealed spaces (e.g. under blankets, in boxes, etc.)
  • Made in China
PU and ABS soft-touch rubberized shell, silicone non-slip rings and runners
Keep dry and away from moisture. Clean Unravel with a soft cloth. Fold when transporting. Case for extra protection is recommended
Three-panel wireless charging pad, 30W USB-C PD adapter, and USB-C to USB-C cable
10W + 10W + 10W wireless charging coils. Plus one USB-C output port (with a 5W output capacity)
All Qi-enabled wireless charging devices, and any device that can be powered via a Type-C port (with a 5W output capacity)
Closed: 3.46" x 3.46" x 0.6"; Open: 10.4" x 3.46" x 0.2"
0.88 lb


Unravel 3-Panel Wireless Charging Pad

by Ampere

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A wireless charging pad that won’t make you take turns. Fold it, stack it, or use this pad as a phone stand for up to three devices at once. It quickly charges phones, watches, and even laptops. Protections for overheating, overcharging, and foreign objects are built right in.


The Ampere Charger is the result of the steadfast friendship between Reid Covington and Chase Larson. After bonding as roommates during a study abroad in Beijing in 2008, the duo is now based there, where they and a team of tech enthusiasts worked on this three-way wireless charging solution.

Their three-panel charging pad is able to charge phones, watches, laptops, and other devices simultaneously without slowing down, overcharging, or overheating—making it perfect for use for the whole family. Its patent-pending hinge design enables charging in multiple positions: stacked (when you’re tight on space), spread out (perfect for sharing), or standing (great for watching videos), so you have full functionality while you’re refueling.