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Unravel Wireless Charging Pad Case

by Ampere

Full Details

  • Fits one 3-Panel Wireless Charging Pad, adapter, and USB-C to USB-C cable
  • Features durable zippers and carabiner for portability
  • Neoprene outer pocket holds extra items
  • Made in China
One travel case, one carabiner
4.7" x 5.3" x 2.36"
0.27 lb



Unravel Wireless Charging Pad Case

by Ampere

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This product is currently out of stock

A wireless charging case has a lot of power to protect. This one does the job admirably, keeping the three-panel charger safe while still being slim and compact. A neoprene outer pocket holds extra items while durable zippers and a carabiner make portability a cinch.


The Ampere Charger is the result of the steadfast friendship between Reid Covington and Chase Larson. After bonding as roommates during a study abroad in Beijing in 2008, the duo is now based there, where they and a team of tech enthusiasts worked on this three-way wireless charging solution.

Their three-panel charging pad is able to charge phones, watches, laptops, and other devices simultaneously without slowing down, overcharging, or overheating—making it perfect for use for the whole family. Its patent-pending hinge design enables charging in multiple positions: stacked (when you’re tight on space), spread out (perfect for sharing), or standing (great for watching videos), so you have full functionality while you’re refueling.