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Another Studio
Decorative Plant Animal Sets

Style and decorate your houseplants · Lightweight metal designs · Lots of cute creatures to collect

  • Ready to Ship

$22.50 – $29.95


Style and decorate your houseplants with these cute metal creatures. Gently wrap their arms, legs, and tails around the stems of your plant to create a mini menagerie.

  • Gently fold the hands, feet, or tails of the animal and hang from your houseplants
  • Lightweight and easy to send in the mail
  • Lots of cute creatures to collect
  • Please note: Repeated bending of the metal will cause it to break
  • Made in China
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


Three to four Decorative Plant Animals


(varies) 2" x 3" - 4" x 2"


0.04 lb


Etched brass packed on FSC paperboard


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