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5-in-1 Steel Scissors 5-in-1 Steel Scissors

5-in-1 Steel Scissors

Small Business Support

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  • Made for a Lifetime
  • Unique 5-in-1 design features nutcracker, garlic crusher, bottle opener, and wire stripper
  • Comfortable, ergonomic grip
  • Durable, serrated steel blades
  • Compatible for left or right handed use
  • Made in China
Tempered steel, rubber
Wash with soap and warm water
4" x 8.5" x 0.75"
1 lb
Small Business Support


4.5 avg. (57 reviews)

don't buy
10/04/2019 by Dennis
Tolerances are bad, and can't be resolved by adjustment. So it doesn't work. Nice idea. Stick with Joyce Chen or other products; this has elements that are well made but if you can't scissor the scissors, they're useless.
My second Pair
09/18/2019 by Carol
I received a pair of these as a gift and loved them. I found that they were missing until one day at my son's apartment I found them in a drawer. I decided to leave them there and buy me a second pair. As for Grommet, I will find out how their service is. I ordered with a special discount, when it went through my PayPal account, I did not receive the discount.
Love These!
06/30/2019 by Michelle
Multi functional and pretty sturdy. Tightening the blades seems to happen more often than I like, but that's minor. Will have to purchase another one since my 10 month old pit bull decided to chew on the handle (strong jaws, that one, lol). Even with that nonsense, these are still going strong
Amazing Scissors
06/26/2019 by Linda
We use these for everything and believe me, they cut through everything! Love ‘em.
A Keeper - And A Given
06/09/2019 by Jean
These have become a frequent gift to dear friends and family: folks who at this point in their lived pretty much have everything they need. But these scissors are so amazingly GREAT and versatile, that I never worry about giving them one more kitchen/household good. The cooks love them for their ability to cut through a whole chicken like soft butter; the handy folks use them for whatever; the non-cooks but earthquake-preparedness experts (I live in the Pacific NW) among us keep them in our storage bins. A must-have!
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5-in-1 Steel Scissors

Glide these tempered steel, multipurpose scissors through virtually anything. Their soft, fitted grip and curved blades are made to last and accommodate lefties and righties alike. With built-in features to crack nuts, crush garlic, open bottles, and strip wire, these heavy-duty blades are definitely the sharpest tool in the shed, kitchen, office, garage . . .


You name it—these Made for a Lifetime, multipurpose scissors can likely cut through it.

AnySharp’s tempered, razor-sharp steel blades can handle jobs all around the house—from stripping wires, to cutting plastic, and cracking nuts.

The blades curve away from your hand, making it safer and more comfortable when you have to cut at an angle.

Keep a clean pair in the kitchen to slice meat, cut bones, and crush garlic. Then have another pair handy in the garage to glide through cardboard, plastic, even fabric.

These scissors won’t judge your handedness either. AnySharp’s soft, fitted handles make them comfortable for lefties and righties alike. more Their Story

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