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12 pk SmartFuel 12 pk SmartFuel

12 pk SmartFuel


Made in the USA
Sustainable Living

Full Details

  • Made in the USA
  • For use with Anywhere Fireplaces: Chelsea Wall Mount, Lexington, and Metropolitan
  • Odorless, smokeless, no ash, non-toxic, non-polluting
  • Safest liquid fuel for indoor bio-ethanol ventless fireplace use. Especially formulated for indoor use, but great for outdoors, too
  • Features flame arrestor in the neck of the bottle to provide additional safety against possible flash-fire when transferring fuel from the bottle into the fireplace reservoir
  • Suitable for use indoors or outdoors, as no harmful fumes are generated when burning—only small amounts of CO2 and water vapor. No soot, no smoke, no smell, and no residue
  • Contains BITR™, a bitterant to prevent accidental ingestion by children and small animals
  • Laboratory-tested and certified for both its SAFETY POUR™ flame arrestor technology, and it's clean, toxic free exhaust for indoor burning. Laboratory Certification & MSDS are available publicly
  • Only ships to the Continental United States
  • Returns not accepted
  • Dimensions (in packaging): 10" x 13" x 10"
  • Weight: 25 lbs.
Made in the USA
Sustainable Living


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12 pk SmartFuel

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For use with an Anywhere Fireplace. Burns clean and without soot, smoke or ashes.