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Low Profile Pocket Nail Clipper Low Profile Pocket Nail Clipper

Low Profile Pocket Nail Clipper

Full Details

  • Materials: Nail clippers: 440 surgical grade stainless steel; Case: Leather
  • Care: Clean with rubbing alcohol as needed
  • Includes: One low profile nail clipper and one leather case with contrast stitching and keyring
  • Instructions: Slide the top of the nail clipper back to unfold the tool. Gently lift lever up approximately 90º to fully engage the clipper. To fold back, execute these steps in reverse
  • 80% lower profile than conventional nail clippers
  • Large cutting surface great for both fingernails and toenails
  • Perfect size for carrying in a wallet or to hang on a keychain
  • TSA compliant
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Leather case made in the USA
  • Nail clippers made in China
  • Dimensions: 2.6" x 0.5" x 0.12"
  • Weight: 0.0625 lb


2.5 avg. (2 reviews)

I like it!
01/03/2019 by Kevin
I've had mine for six months or so. When I got mine it didn't cut at all. Looking closely I could see the cutting edges were actually flat, like they had skipped a step in manufacturing. (the most important step!) I called Grommet and they apologized and said they would replace it. I said I'd give it another try. Two days later I had another one without having to send the first one back! It works great for me, the only problem I have with the opening (as referenced in a previous review) is when I'm tackling the nail on my big toe. It still works but takes a little extra effort. It cuts well and clean. The only thing I would change is do something to help with holding it. It is a little slick handling especially with the winter dry skin. I use the key ring holder so it's always handy. Overall I'm very pleased with it and if needed, I will buy again!
Poorly designed!!!
09/29/2018 by Kenneth
I've been buying and gifting superior designed small pocket nail clippers from Franc and Germany for decades, so I know how beautifully this type of clipper should work. I was under the impression that GROMMET tested all the products you offered for sale, so having bought many wonderful items from you, I was confident I would be more than satisfied once again with this item that I bought two. "BIG MISTAKE!" These ApeX Nail clippers not only can't cut my nail's cleanly, actually tear the nail if they cut at all. They are so shallow in depth that it's impossible to get a decent bite on a nail. Yes I'm embarrassed that I bought one, let alone two.
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Low Profile Pocket Nail Clipper

A new take on the grooming must-have, this sleek stainless steel nail clipper does its job in a thinner and better-made design than its typical drugstore counterparts. It’s nearly 80% thinner than usual clippers, and it comes with a leather case that can hang from a keychain. TSA-approved and guaranteed for a lifetime.

ApeX by GorillaKilla

Ken Adams created his grooming sets and tools for men like him who want to spruce up their daily routine without over-complicating it. Each stainless steel piece is well-made and functional, and comes in its own leather case for easy portability and protection. And it’s all TSA-approved and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

The trimmer and tweezers have rounded tips to avoid unwanted pokes and cuts. And the nail clippers have a low-profile folding design that is thinner than its typical drugstore counterparts.

Ken felt overwhelmed with the tasks and tools needed to look his best. And noticed a lack of implements made specifically for men’s use. His grooming gear is made to help any man look, and feel, his best. more Their Story