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One-Handed Pet Bathing Tool One-Handed Pet Bathing Tool

One-Handed Pet Bathing Tool

by Aquapaw

Sprayer-meets-scrubber Gentle for pets Turn it on and off by making a fist
Independent Maker

Full Details

  • Materials: Silicone body, plastic hose and internals, metal springs, and rubber o-rings
  • Care: Rinse with warm water after each use
  • Kit includes Aquapaw wearable device, shower diverter, garden hose adapter, flexible 8' hose, and instructions
  • Flexible hose now comes in grey
  • Combination sprayer-scrubber can be easily turned on and off by making a fist
  • Gives you total control over your pet and the flow of water during the entire bathing process
  • One-handed wearable allows for added dexterity and control
  • Rubber scrubbers in your palm, allows you to soak, scrub, and rinse your pet easily
  • Slim, compact design won’t impede use of hands
  • Flexible 8 foot hose included for added mobility
  • For indoor or outdoor use, connects to both shower heads or garden hoses
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 9" x 4" x 2"
  • Weight: 0.81 lb
Independent Maker


4.5 avg. (26 reviews)

06/27/2019 by Stephanie
This makes bathing my fur babies SO EASY! My babies are less anxious with this. I get much less water on the floor and I have better control of my girls in the bath. This tool makes shampooing and rinsing quicker and easier.
Love it!
04/30/2019 by Jeanne
This tool works as expected and makes bathing my dog 100% easier
fl lady
02/26/2019 by nancy
i always wash my dog outside and now it is so much easier
Like it
02/13/2019 by Beth
Takes longer to rinse but a much better rinse. No doubt that all the soap is out. Like the quick comment/disconnection; use it inside and out! Wish it had a stronger stream.
My dog loves it!
01/22/2019 by Rosalind
Washing the dog has been a challenge for me. It is so hard to hold my dog, control the hose and actually get him scrubbed. This device works like a charm! I am so pleased with my purchase and my dog actually enjoys his baths.
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One-Handed Pet Bathing Tool

Sprayer-meets-scrubber Gentle for pets Turn it on and off by making a fist
Who better to give your doggy a bath than . . . you? This dog bathing tool is a sprayer-meets-scrubber that goes on like a glove and can be turned on and off by simply making a fist. This frees up one hand to keep your pup steady, and also has little rubber scrubbers in the palm that are soothing for them, too. Attach it to your showerhead or to your garden hose for more seamless bath time.


As far as dog bathing tools go, this is one of the most effective we’ve found. Aquapaw is a wearable sprayer-slash-scrubber that you can turn on or off just by making a fist.

This gives pup parents a better handle on the washing situation. They have one hand free to do the holding while the other does the scrubbing and rinsing—and it’s also more soothing for the dog because the glove has little rubber scrubbers that massage as they clean.

Aquapaw comes with an adapter so you can attach it to a showerhead or fasten it to your garden hose and bathe your dog outside. The spraying power is more gentle than a high-pressure hose, but it’s also lot more effective than a bowl or cup bath.

Bath time becomes a win-win situation. This dreaded ritual turns into a seamless activity for you, and your pup gets to actually enjoy it. more Their Story