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Oval Concave Cutting Board Oval Concave Cutting Board

Oval Concave Cutting Board

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  • Small concave board will hold up to one cup of liquid at the center, large will hold up to two cups of liquid
  • Non-slip gripper feet prevent the board from slipping during use
  • Allows meat to marinate in flavorful juices after cooking
  • Prevents juices from running onto the countertop
  • Great for cutting and serving chicken, roasts, steak, tomatoes, and other fruits
  • Large features cut out handles on the sides of the board to easily transfer heavier items such as a turkey
  • Made in China
Hand wash in warm soapy water, towel dry. Do not soak. Apply mineral oil periodically
Small: 14” x 18” x 1”; Large: 22” x 16” x 1.5”
Small: 4.75 lbs; Large: 9.60 lbs
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4.5 avg. (17 reviews)

Awesome cutting board
01/03/2020 by Tami
My children loves the cutting board
Great Gift
12/30/2019 by Debbie
Bought this for the men in my family! They love it! Steaks rest in their cooked juices! No mess!
Love it
11/02/2019 by Lisa
This was a gift and she loved it
Love this product
08/22/2019 by Teresa
I actually owned this for several years and loved it. Mine was damaged in Hurricane Harvey and I was so glad I was able to replace it through Grommet.
Top of the line
06/27/2019 by Maribeth
Both my husband and I use this board ALL of the time, some time its a race to see who gets to it first. The only thing I would have like is if the indention had been a little bit more, to hold any liquids.
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Oval Concave Cutting Board

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This oval concave cutting board has a juicy little secret. Its subtle curve directs all the savory juices to the center of the board, so meat can continue to marinate until serving. It also works great to keep sticky fruit juices corralled and off the counter. Non-slip gripper feet hold the board in place while carving. Beautifully made for carving and serving.


Meat lovers know to let that special cut of steak or roast turkey rest before cutting into it so the flavorful juices have a chance to reabsorb back into the meat.

It’s these delicious juices that John Pitner, owner of a kitchen and housewares store, was thinking about when he had the idea for concave cutting boards. He partnered with the pros at Architec to make them a reality.

These specially engineered boards make all that juicy flavor flow to the middle, not right off the edge—saving the liquid to further marinate the meat. Another juicy option? Add some herbs and create a “board dressing.”

The concave board isn’t just for cutting into meats. It’s perfect for fruits, too. Just think of all the sweet juices in watermelon, pineapples, and tomatoes.

The board took over two years and 35 iterations to engineer perfectly, including the non-slip gripper feet. The result is a stunning wooden carving surface that looks equally as beautiful for prep work as it does for serving. more Their Story