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Leather Conditioner

Full Details

  • Made in the USA: Brooklyn, NY
  • Free of petroleum-based, synthetic, or artificial ingredients
  • Keeps leather supple and nutrient rich
  • Nourishes leather and prevents cracking
  • Best if used in conjunction with a leather wax
All-natural wax and oil
Apply to leather as necessary between leather shine/wax applications
2.5" diameter x 0.75"
0.08 lb


Sustainable Living

Leather Conditioner

starting at $14.95
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Give your leather the best possible treatment. This natural leather conditioner is Made in the USA from naturally harvested ingredients. Nourish your boots, bags, jackets—even furniture—between applications of other waxes and shines to keep them sharp and vital.
Sustainable Living

David Armstrong

Nourish and revitalize cracked, dry shoes, jackets, and textiles with this eco-friendly, natural leather cleaner.

Armstrong’s all-natural recipes are Made in the USA the old fashioned way—from naturally harvested ingredients instead of the chemically derived turpentine, silicone, and synthetic materials found in most modern polishes. You can give leather goods, textiles, and the environment the best possible treatment.

Everything from their ethically gathered beeswax down to their naturally occurring mineral pigments—even their recyclable packing—is free of silicone and petroleum derivatives. In fact, their signature boot wax is made from all-natural turpentine, distilled from home grown pine sap (not the chemically-derived kind).

These waxes and salves will keep your goods looking sharp, while keeping you happy about the American-made, eco-friendly, all-natural formulas.