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  • Pocket Laser Distance Measurer by Arrow Fastener - 1
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Pocket Laser Distance Measurer

Full Details

  • Instructions: Hold the device in the direction and specific area you would like to measure. Once pressed, a laser will appear on the wall or floor where pointed, up to 50 feet. The device will provide a digital read out of the distance from where you are to where the laser beam reached
  • Features a simple one button control
  • Range up to 50 ft with 6 mm accuracy
  • Perfect for DIY projects, builders, and contractors
  • Please note: Keep away from children. Avoid direct eye exposure. Do not stare into beam. Only turn laser beam on when needed
  • Made in China
Plastic housing, electronics
Keep dry
One laser distance measurer and two AAA alkaline batteries
5.75" x 1" x 0.5"
0.5 lb

3.5 avg. (9 reviews)

Pocket Laser Distance Measurer

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This pocket laser distance measurer only needs one person (and one press of the button) to suss out a space. Perfect for homeowners and DIYers, the compact tool is a smart alternative to a tape measure with a digital readout that delivers easy-to-see measurements up to 50 feet away, within ¼-inch accuracy.

Arrow Fastener

Arrow Fastener has tool-creating roots that reach back close to a century ago. They’ve earned acclaim for their user-friendly stapling, riveting, and gluing solutions to building and home improvement projects. Now they’re applying that same ease-of-use approach to their high-tech take on a tape measure.

The pocket laser distance measuring tool has one-handed operation (no unwieldy measuring tape here), and it precisely charts distances up to 50 feet, within ¼-inch accuracy. It delivers a digital readout quickly and clearly, making it a perfectly precise essential for remodelers, DIYers and more.