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Kitten Club Playing Cards

Authentic playing card stock · Original illustrations · Clever visual narrative

These playing cards are infused with charm and humor courtesy of original illustrations depicting sweet-faced cats. A story unfolds through each ace through 10 suit of cards telling an engaging, kitty-centric story, while the face cards star cats dressed up as a geisha, flamenco dancer, and other colorful characters.

  • Made in Erlanger, Kentucky
  • Each ace through ten suit has a clever visual narrative told in ten pictures about the life of cats
  • Face cards are cats delightfully reimagined as different characters with unique personalities
  • Characters include imperious queens, playful jacks, kings of profound grandeur and more
  • Each deck illustrated and presented with wit and good humor by illustrator John Littleboy
  • Standard poker deck printed on authentic playing card stock with an air-cushioned finish for easy handling and durability
  • Made with "Bicycle Grade" paper stock with rounded edges and an embossed finish
  • Printed in the USA by the United States Playing Card Company
Made in the USA


56 cards: 52 playing cards, 2 jokers, a card ranking the poker hands, an extra card with information about Artiphany, and custom card tuck case


3.5" x 2.5" x 0.75"


0.22 lb


John Littleboy

Artiphany is a boutique gift company founded in 2006 in Palo Alto, California by our founder and artist-in-chief John Littleboy with the idea of turning his artistic abilities into products that would bring a smile to the face of anyone who saw them. They create in a spirit of visual delight and playful surprise. Their intention: to supply you with a variety of optic confections with which you can allow your heart or hand to have their say.