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Emergency Phone Charger Keychain

Emergency Phone Charger Keychain

by AtomXS

Full Details

  • Please check your phone specifications before ordering to ensure you choose the right Phone Charger Keychain
  • To determine which model fits for your phone, select each version in the drop-down menu and compare to your existing phone charger
  • Instructions: Hold finger on USB port located next to the keyring for 5 seconds to turn on. A solid red light will appear. Slide the bottom button forward to extend the charging tip for your device. To turn off the charger, unplug it from your mobile device and it will automatically turn off after roughly 30 seconds
  • Keychain ring allows you to attach to keys
  • Full charge in an AtomXS stays there up to 3 months
  • Designed to give your phone a partial charge after it dies until you can get to an outlet
  • Please note: You must turn on the charger to charge your device. It will not automatically draw power when you plug it into your mobile device
  • Made in China
Plastic, metal, electronics
One emergency charger with keyring and one micro-USB charging cord
2" x 0.5" x 1.5"
0.6 lb


3.5 avg. (39 reviews)

11/27/2019 by Roger
We have 1 of these for each of us and unfortunately we have not been happy with the products. We charge the items and then try to use them with our phones and they do not provide a charge to our phones. I do not know if we are doing something wrong or what, but very disappointed in the product.
Not what I thought
11/09/2019 by larna
I needed this today and when plugged in it did nothing, the directions say it holds charge fro up to 3 months. Its been one month. Disappointed. Maker's Note: To start charging with AtomXS, make sure to hold down the port for 3 seconds - only after that will it begin to charge.
Doesn’t work
11/05/2019 by Dennis
Isn’t strong enough to charge an iPhone even 50% Very disappointing Maker's Note: AtomXS is only designed as an emergency charger - to get your phone enough juice to last until you can find an outlet! It's not meant to charge your phone all the way or even 50%.
Very handy
11/04/2019 by Karen
I like the small size. It's easy to carry in a purse.
Convenience comes in small sizes!
11/02/2019 by Conrad
One of the best things you don’t know you need very much.
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Emergency Phone Charger Keychain

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Shipping Notice

This product cannot be shipped to a PO box.

This emergency phone charger gets the job done without lots of bulk and without any chance of forgetting to take it with you. The compact, retractable, and rechargeable device lives on your keychain for portable power that’s always handy. It provides two hours of phone usage and lasts three months per charge.


An emergency phone charger needs to be handy and juiced to keep your phone alive; it helps if it’s small enough to take with you everywhere, too. That’s the challenge AtomXS Maker Victor Hugo Mariano took on when creating his small but mighty charger.

Victor’s solution fits the powerful bill in a key fob-style design that’s a no-brainer to always have with you. A retractable charging tip packs two hours of power into the minimalist frame and it can hold a charge for up to three months. Recharge when needed and you’ll always be ready to roll. more Their Story